Tablescape Thursday ~ August 27, 2009

Thank you for stopping by for this weeks Tablescape Thursday!

As we approach autumn, I like to take every opportunity to dine al fresco while the weather is still warm.

I have some authentic vintage tablecloths which are dear to me, but most are over 50 years old and I try to take good care of them. For outdoor dining (as under this Douglas Fir tree), I'm more comfortable using reproduction tablecloths like this one which don't require any special care.

I purchased this new reproduction on the internet a couple of years ago, very reasonably priced. Quite honestly when it arrived the colors were not what I expected.

Not my favorite combination of colors, so it has been in the drawer ever since.

But for today's Tablescape Thursday I decided to try to work with it to see if I could make it work, using dishes and accessories I already had.

I started with the chargers; a buttery yellow color to pick up the field color of the cloth. Next the apple green Fiestaware dinner plate, on top of that I pulled salad plates from the American Atelier set. Then individual covered casseroles by BIA.

By now I think everyone is familiar with the "Bee" flatware? *grin*

And the French "Bee" tumblers?

A little cherry platter.

These two shades of green don't coordinate well, but I chose them for strictly utilitarian reasons ~

The casserole was the right size for the recipe... :)

And the cast iron trivet ~

is actually a candle-warmer.

The hydrangeas in the garden are kaput for the summer ~ these are fakes. :)
I like to keep a candle lantern nearby in case the sun begins to set while we're still enjoying our time at the table. I love the ambiance the soft light brings, it invites us to linger and relax.

Well, these STILL aren't my favorite color combinations... but at least I gave the tablecloth a try!

A big thank you to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting us ~
(And for the incentive to pull that tablecloth out of storage!)

Please click the button above to visit Susan's wonderful blog and to see all of this weeks entrants!


(Click highlighted links to read more, or to order )

Pinzon Charger Plates, Set of 4 (link)
Dinner Plates: Fiestaware by Homer Laughlin
Salad Plates: American Atelier "Baroque"
Stainless Flatware: Neiman Marcus/Horchow

Cast Iron Candle warmer : Le Creuset*

Retro Tablecloth (link)

Cherry Platter :
Harry and David Gift Store
Base tablecloth and napkins: April Cornell

*Note: These are the plain cast iron trivets ~ to locate information on the candle warmer version you may need to contact Le Creuset/USA.


  1. Wow.


    Green is even my favorite clothes color the last 2 yrs:) I still overtly covet the beeautiful flatware..

    and your warmer is so cute too..I must admit to having some similar pieces:) Happy me..:) Great job Mary..
    I'd like a seat there..chatting.. sipping water and wine and tasting your great food.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Once again, a great table!!

  3. Love the table cloth and green fiesta! Julie

  4. I always love visiting here, you are such a taskmaster of this genre!

  5. Gosh - you're not loving that tablecloth --- really? You did an amazing tablescape! Love the great colors on your table today.

  6. Oh my oh my gorgeous gorgeous! I love the colors. Love the vintage tablecloth. I just like every part of this table!! Well done.

  7. I think you did a fabulous tablescape. Love the tablecloth and you chose the perfect color combos of dishes to make the table "pop". The cherry platter goes perfectly with the tablecloth. Everthing about this setting is perfect!
    Sincerly, Carolyn from Charlotte, NC

  8. This is so pretty and I love the setting. It looks so inviting. YOur colors and all the wonderful dishes are just perfect. I really like all the pretty "bee" items, they always catch my attention. So beautifully done. YOur lantern is such a pretty piece also and it holds several candles which is wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  9. Love the trivet and thanks so much for pointing out the reproduction tablecloths! Love tablecloths and I don't care if they're vintage or not, I just need more of them..LOL!

  10. Love those individual casseroles! What are you going to cook in those? Will we find out on Foodie Friday?
    I understand that sometimes a tablecloth gives us a challenge, but us tablescapers all need that from time to time. I enjoyed your table.
    - The Tablescaper

  11. Your table is very pretty and I love all the colors, it's all so beautifully coordinated!
    Seriously, one of the prettiest tablescapes I've ever laid eyes on.
    All the best,

  12. All the greens look so wonderful with your vintage cloth! Love the flowers! Adore the bees!

  13. I think you did a great job making the tablecloth work. Everything is so pretty.


  14. I really like these colors! All of your dishes and other pieces coordinate so well ~ it's just a lovely table. The greens are fresh, just like nature ~ all different shades. Your pictures are so crisp and clear, it's a joy to see your tablescape. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Well, girlfriend...I think this table is just perfect. I love everything about it...and especially that Bee flatware..and your pretty cloth. I think it is a beautiful table...

  16. Lovely collection of plates! Enjoy your dinner!

  17. Beautiful! Love your greens, the cherry platter, and that trivet is just the handiest!

  18. Love those colors and your bee tumblers are fabulous. Wish you links worked tonight, I would love to see the source (message that it is copyrighted came up). Lovely table!


  19. I'm glad you broke out this new tablecloth because this table is beautiful!!! I love the colors and the flowers and they way all your pieces came together.

  20. I think the color combo is beautiful. You have some unique pieces...and I always love the bee glasses and flatware. Happy TT!

  21. What a lovely green tablescape! Beautifully done.

  22. I do like your repro tablecloth. The colors are just beautiful. It looks very vintage.

  23. Not sure if my first comment got saved. Computer did something strange. So here is another just in case.
    Your photos are amazing! Love the greens in this tablescape. It's all so happy! Thanks for sharing.
    Sarah @

  24. Love the colors in everything, your tablecloth is so pretty. I want one of those Le Crueset trivets, how fabulous!

  25. I just love that tablecloth, and your table is quite inviving.

  26. I am a long time fan although I have never commented..but I think you are amazing! In spite of or maybe because these colors were a bit off.. you created something beyond the ordinary..tweaking these lovely greens into a fabulous piece of art.. I am always inspired and I do thank you. Cindy

  27. How can they not be your new fav colour combinations?! You did a terrific job pulling the colours from the cloth by using you dishes, napkins, etc. I love the two colours of napkins together. Your setting and pics are beautiful!


  28. Loved the way you pulled all the colors together - it worked. I always enjoy your posts!

  29. I think everything is stunning and love all of the color combinations. I think your tablecloth is perfect and I actually like all of the different shades of green. It is all so inviting and makes me want to keep stealing warm afternoon/evenings before they disappear. Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. Beautiful table, and I actually like the colors!

  31. "Stunning" There isn't one thing that I don't like about this tablescape. It's perfect in every detail.

  32. Wow, Mari, I love this table setting. It is so colorful and summery. I've never seen the candle warmer trivet, and I will contact Le Creuset for sure about that. Isn't eating outside one of the true pleasures of the season as we approach fall?

    Green and white are two of my favorite colors, especially in the kitchen. I love everything you've combined in this wonderful arrangement.

  33. I am so jealous of all these dishes but I have to ask, do you have a warehouse that you store all this stuff in?

  34. Really gorgeous...kind of vintage and inviting.

  35. Stunning Mari, I LOVE all the shades of green. Such a beautiful table setting. Clarice

  36. This table is absolutely beautiful. I am thrilled to see napkins from my line!
    Our online store may be reached at if you'll forgive the shameless plug, but I saw other links to sources. Your blog is a gift!
    April Cornell

  37. Yes, your last commenter is absolutely correct! Your blog is a gloriously beautiful gift. Your photos are always so stunning it's as though I can reach right through the monitor and touch your table. I am in love with your colors, and your tablecloth. I just relax as soon as I see your posts, my dear!

  38. I LOVE all the green. Refreshing for the eye to behold. Your table is gorgeous!

  39. My husband would not know what to think if I ever set such a pretty table!

  40. Hi Mari! My goodness, for using a tablecloth that you're not overly happy with, you have certainly done a beautiful set up with it! I LOVE the shades of green!.. and the hydrangeas! I don't mind they're fake, and I'd love to find some for myself! Love the adorable cherry platter too! Everything here is beautiful today, and made for a very nice visit here today! ~tina

  41. I love everything about this! Your photography skills as well :)


  42. Your tablescape is beautiful. I absolutely love all the different shades of the greens. I think your Retro tablecloth...vintage or a perfect backdrop for the whole tablescape. The cherry platter is so cute!! Thank you for the links. I will most likely purchase something too!! Hugs!!

  43. I find your posts inspiring and elegant, yet very homey and down to earth.
    I am a thrifty, garage, estate sale, 2nd hand store and Big Lots kind of girl and I marvel at some of your thrifty sources. It is refreshing to find someone who has no qualms sighting modest sources next to the pricier ones. I see items at sales everywhere that would be perfect for your table settings and want to buy and give them to you..........I restrain myself. I wish I had your talent, time and energy that you put into your settings, I live through you vicariously. Thank-you

  44. Hello Mari;; Well I think you did an amazing job on your table scape.. I love the colors, they are so pretty. I really did not know that your hydrangeas were not real.. thank you for sharing...


  45. So nice--you made the tablecloth work!! Beautifully!

    ps. I have several blogs--the one for my tablescape is the spindle cottage one;

  46. A very pretty table! I love the mix n match!


  47. Hi Mari!
    Your table is so lovely! There is nothing more inviting than fresh green on a table. The cherries are icing on the cake! Isn't it fun to take items you already own and create with them? I have actually taught classes on just this concept...

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  48. What a charming table! It could not "BEE" any sweeter. :-)
    Love the tablecloth -- the colors are unusual, but you really made it all work.

  49. What an amazing job. I love the crisp green colors and the tablecloth, it all looks great together.


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