Sole Meuniere ~ Super Easy

It really is super easy ~ and delicious!
Just dip the sole filets in seasoned flour, saute for 2 to 3 minutes per side.

As the second side is cooking lemon zest and juice is added to the pan juices and voila! A instant and delicious sauce is formed.

These days instead of 6 tablespoons of butter, I swap out half of the butter with cannola or olive oil. I also reduce the amount of butter and oil in this recipe a bit so it still has that rich, buttery flavor, but it is lower in fat and cholesterol.

I garnish with plenty of fresh Italian parsley,lemon zest and serve with lemon wedges. Steamed rice is a perfect accompaniment, so every bit of the lemon sauce can be enjoyed. :)

If you would like a printable copy of the recipe, you can find it on my recipe blog by clicking HERE.

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  1. Mari, this looks and sounds wonderful! Going to the fish market on Monday. I think I will add sole to my list!

    (BTW, those tomatoes look amazing, too!)

  2. I love making this. One of my favorite dinners for one. It's so easy to make and to increase/decrease the amounts.

  3. I love sole and your photos are usual.

  4. This dish is delicious! You make it look so lovely in the photos! The Kitchen Gnome surprised me with this one evening when I got home from is scrumptious.

  5. One of my favorite dishes. Yours looks outstanding.

  6. Love the changes you're making for lo-fat cooking. I'm sure the taste hasn't suffered a bit... and everything still looks just delicious!

  7. This looks delicious and easy. I love sole so I will definitely try it. I'm from New England so we have nice fresh fish.

    First time visitor to your blog. Lovely photos and background music.
    Your blog is very elegant and relaxing. I will be back to check on older posts.

  8. Hi friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I love to hear from each of you. xo~m.


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