Salade Niçoise with Fresh Grilled Tuna (and home grown baby potatoes!)

Salade Niçoise... and we really shouldn't call it Niçoise if the salad doesn't contain the tiny Niçoise olives! I love them and always have them in my pantry and refrigerator. :)

This salad, originating from the Cote D'Azur region of France, is one of my favorite composed salads, and I prefer to make it at home (there are so many poorly made versions in many restaurants.)

Because we're mindful of cholesterol issues, I've ommitted the perfectly hard cooked egg this time... I miss it, but the salad is still delicious.

Baby new potatoes, fresh from our garden~

I used freshly havested baby new potatoes ---from our garden.
(They are soo delicious...but that's another post), also quickly blanched & chilled haricot verts (the petite green beans), marinated artichoke hearts, slivered strips of red bell pepper, and fresh-from-the-vine summer-ripe cherry tomatoes...

I don't mind making this with high quality canned tuna, but when fresh is available... I jump at the chance to make it with fresh-thyme & oregano marinated rare-grilled fresh tuna. It's SO good!

Other components, of course ... the Niçoise olives and capers, finished with an intensely flavored Caesar dressing and fresh thyme garnish.

A printable copy of the recipe is available on my RECIPE BLOG.

Fair warning... if you are not fond of anchovies, you probably will not like this dressing.

I use it sparingly so it doesn't overpower, but you can substitute any favorite vinagrette.

Thank you for stopping by today, have a wonderful week. :)


  1. off to the movies (grin)

    will be stopping back here for lunch!

  2. Hi, I liked the post about the Brambly Hedge mice. I love mice :) I make lil character mice out of felt. If you want to see them, I have a lot of pictures on my blog: :)

  3. My mouth is watering. this looks like a perfect weekend meal. Yum

  4. about you come and visit and make this for me?:) It looks so fresh and good!

  5. Never get tired of salad nicoise!

  6. What a beautiful salad - and so healthy looking!

  7. I've never made this with fresh tuna, always canned! I will have to give fresh a try!

  8. Mari, anchovies are on my list of favorites. And so is that Tuna Salad.
    Do you seriously grow your own potatoes? You're amazing.


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