Pan Seared Salmon Filets with Sweet & Tangy Dijon Vinaigrette

If you've been following you know I prepare salmon often ~ usually very simply prepared and finished with some kind of condiment or sauce.

I had some mustard greens I wanted to prepare, so I devised this sweet and tangy Mustard Vinaigrette to compliment both the salmon, as well as the slightly bitter greens.

Since these filets were rather thin, I didn't want to sear them for long so as to avoid overcooking. The downside to this was that they didn't really get that nice golden brown sear on them that I love.

When I plated them I thought they looked
BARE. The salmon definitely needed a boost.

Not bad, but not as eye-appealing as they could be.

So I garnished them with crispy proscuitto, to add color, flavor and textural contrast.

It's a fabulous method; one that I learned from my delightful friend Lori, on her blog
"All That Splatters" (click link to see how-to.)

We really enjoyed it, it scored 5 out of 5 stars and I've already been asked to make it again soon.

I love when that happens! :)

Along with the mustard greens, I served this with pan roasted tomatoes-on-the-vine ~ a really nice slightly tart compliment to the other flavors.

If you would like a printable copy of my recipe, you can find it on my recipe blog.

Click HERE to go there.

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  1. A very appetizing dish..and so good for us!Thank you Mary!

  2. This just looks so delicious Mary!
    I would love it right now!

  3. It looks wonderful! Thanks for posting and thanks for the link!
    All the best,

  4. A beautiful and delicious looking dinner, and good for us too! You've inspired me to cook healthier meals, Mari. Many thanks.

  5. My honey has been asking for more fish dishes and this looks perfect! We love vine ripe tomatoes at our house too.

  6. I think we have salmon as much as you do :-) Every Thursday and sometimes on Saturday, so this I will be trying next week. Thanks for sharing another wonderful idea.

  7. So, when in doubt, add crunchy proscuitto?

  8. very mouthwatering pictures, thanks for sharing, wow, i'm impressed

  9. Salmon is so wonderful. This looks tasty. We make salmon frequently. I will be trying this next. Just need some good salmon....Great photographs.

  10. Thank you everybody! If you try it, I hope you like it.

    Yup, that just about sums it up Pam ~ I think crispy prosciutto might improve just about anything. *grin*

  11. I am always looking for new ways to prepare salmon, and I think I'll try this tonight...I have never prepared mustard greens but they really seem perfect with this combo. I can understand the "5" rating :-)


  12. I love salmon too and have it weekly, so this is a must try recipe for me :-)


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