The 32nd Outdoor Wednesday ~ August 19, 2009

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Welcome to my blog ~ here are a few blooms from our August garden. I hope you enjoy!

As I zoomed in to take a picture of a climbing rose bloom, I was very surprised to see this little fellow perched on a clematis leaf about 4 feet from the ground below. :)

You may not be able to see the true color of this rose named Juliet; it's actually a smoky brown ~ very striking in person (and fragrant!) It is a David Austin rose.
Psst... can you see the little garden fairy hiding in the photo?

A farm near home ~ where you can pick your own corn ...

and create a fresh bouquet, too!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday ~ please leave a comment so I can come visit and leave a comment on your blog, too.

Last but not least, thank you again Susan for hosting Outdoor Wednesdays!!


  1. Hi Mari!
    The color of that rose is spectacular! I don't believe I have ever seen on this color. Oh how I would love to gather a bouquet of zinnias! I used to grow them with ease in TX, but they don't seem to like me in FL... They are my favorite cutting flowers!

    Have a super rest of the week.
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  2. Great photos! I hope you have a wonderful week, and please stop by and visit me sometime!

  3. Once again I love your photography.I especially love the first rose photo.


  4. Love all the scenery. Beautiful as always!
    Happy outdoor Wednesday.

  5. Wow, I've never heard of picking your own corn. It would be fun and I'm sure it's delicious all nice and fresh!

  6. Your photo images are fabulous! Juliet is especially lovely. David Austin's are my favorite roses--can never have enough of them!

    Best to you!
    Debbykay @ Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  7. I love that froggy! What beautiful scenes and glorious hills!

  8. I'm not participating in Outdoor Wednesday but I love to visit here! Your photographs are all so fabulous!
    We used to have so many rose bushes, but this year none of our plants are doing well at all, not even the potted ones!
    It's nice to be able to come here and get my 'fix' for pretty!
    All the best,

  9. Outstanding pictures. You are a wonderful photographer.

  10. Your photos look like paintings.

  11. simply gorgeous! did you use a macro lens for the flowers?

  12. What beautiful pictures you make. They are all awesome.
    Have a nice day, Riet

  13. I love Mr. Froggy! Kiki was playing with a (poor) frog yesterday...it was her best friend for a half hour :-(

    Your roses are spectacular Mari.

  14. Fabulous pics! Those wildflowers and barn are just the best! Thanks for sharing, Cindy

  15. Wow...everything you've shared today is just so breathtakingly beautiful...but the frog...he's adorable!!

    My Outdoor Wednesday is photos of surfers/the Gulf Waters...come on over test the water temperatures!! I'd love to have your company today.

  16. As always, your photos are wonderful. I used to have roses also, but the deer have made it impossible to grow them any more, much less any other flowers. They are beautiful creatures, but I do not like sharing my plants with them. I have over and acre and cannot plant a garden because of them. So, I come here and enjoy your photos. Thank you for such lovely work. Judy

  17. I have roses in my yard, but nothing to compare to yours. They are just out of this world. You did a super job capturing the details of their beauty in your photos. Beautiful post.

  18. Hi Mari, once again...your photos are so beautifully artistic...I enjoy each one of them so much...

  19. Hi Mari (tell me how you pronounce this :)
    Your pictures are exquisite. The detail in those flowers and that cute little guy hanging out on the leaf is just amazing.
    Thanks for the post and Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  20. Hi Mari, I really enjoyed your photos today. I spotted that little fairy right off the bat! I would love to live near that farm. Just to walk through it would make my day. ~ Robyn

  21. Simply beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hi Mari.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and it was translated in Dutch. So good. Now, my today's post for Ourdoor Wednesday was on my other blog. I think you will like that too.

  23. Oh, I love! Including your leetle friend.

    And that apricot rose is amazing.

  24. Hi Mari,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I thought your name was pronounced Mary but one never knows and I love your spelling. When I came back to write this I saw your roses again and I must say they are more beautiful the second time .... if that's possible.
    Have a great day.
    The other Mary ...rose :)

  25. Your photos are just beautiful. The Juliet rose is really spectacular. And I love the photo of the little frog! What a great shot. Happy Outdoor Wednesday. Kathy

  26. Your roses are spectacular, as are your photos of them.

    I love the little frog sitting there. I was just out on my porch watering the plants and all the little frogs were "singing" to me. They just love hiding out in the orchids and bromeliads.

  27. Absolutely lovely!


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