Seedless Blackberry Tarts

Having found myself with on-the-edge, almost overripe blackberries on hand I wanted to use them up immediately. Jam came to mind ~ but I really wanted to make something for dessert.

Something like a pie, turnovers, or a tart...

I decided upon two individual tarts...
NO real recipe here, as often is the case I just "wing" it.
The method goes like this:
Bake the pastry crusts, set aside and allow to cool.
Cook the berries in a pot with a spoonful of water, a splash of lemon juice, enough sugar to make as sweet as you like.
I add a half of a finely chopped sour apple, skin and all (for the pectin it contains.) Cook and stir occasionally until the berries are completely tender and the contents of the pot are thick and syrupy.
While it is still quite warm, press the contents of the pan through a food mill (or use a metal sieve and large spoon) into a bowl, leaving the seeds, and apple residue behind.
Pour the warm pulp into the baked shells and allow to cool. Decorate as desired.
Filling will firm up as it cools.
I always serve a dessert like this with a little something creamy ~ a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt, or a dollop of slightly sweetened gently whipped cream, or crème fraîche.
For the dragonfly decorations ~ I just cut a little excess pastry dough with a tiny cookie/canape cutter and bake them along with the tart/pie crusts, they bake in a matter of a few minutes.
(I brush with cream and sprinkle with sanding sugar for a little sparkle.)
Then arrange on the filled tarts, as desired.


  1. They could NOT be any cuter!I love the dragonfly pastry..Magazine worthy..
    In fact I find mags pale beside your cooking and baking..another reason I can call you Mag mary..and you know why:)

    Too funny Mary I was going to buy seedless raspberry jam to make cookies from the book you gave me:)

    and little tartlets raspberry almond..that I printed out 2 days ago.. same wavelength..
    Have a great day.

  2. I have been following your blog for a few months now and enjoy your lovely photos. This is my favorite so far - so pretty. I love the touch of the dragonflies around the rim and the satiny smooth surface of the tart filling.

    Also a question - what is the brand of the pepper jam in your header photo collage? I love the jar so much and was hoping to track down the company and buy a jar for myself.

  3. What a fun coincidence Mme. Magical Monique ~ I'm THRILLED to be on the same wave length as you, any time! :)

    Hi Heather, thank you so much for your kind comments and for following along~ It's great to know you're out there! If you like that little jar, you are going to LOVE the website...

    Here's the specific page for the Pepper Marmalade (Marmellata de Peperoni):

    If you cannot source it locally, you might try contacting---

    That's where I bought it. I hope you have good luck!

  4. Wow they must have been so so yumm.
    Heer blackberries coast a lot, .

  5. Beautiful, Mari... love the little dragonflies!

  6. Those are beautiful Miss Mary!
    I love the tiny dragonflies....
    I must find some to fly over here!

  7. Hi Mari,
    I have to say you are very creative- everything always looks amazing!

  8. These tarts are a work of art...the dragonflies just make me want to dig in (if I only had one in front of me!)... and blackberries without seeds are the only way to go...thanks!


  9. Another masterpiece, Mari! You know I'm in love with dragonflies these days! Now I have to find me a dragonfly cutter. Too, too cute!

  10. How adorable Mari! I'm making a strawberry tart tomorrow, I love making tarts and pies!

  11. Wonderful. Now all I need is the Alice, the Queen of Hearts & it will be yummy afternonn tea.
    Seriously, the dragonflys are whimsical touch. Love them!!!!

  12. Thank you so much for your comments! xo~m.

  13. These look wonderful....I love any kind of tart...I just bought a few containers of blackberrys and when I got themhome I asked the husband...."Now what do I do with them?"....I didn't want to make jam...these are perfect...thanks!!

  14. This are beautiful and I want one...or two....probably at least three.

  15. Pectin from the apple, another brilliant idea. Clarice

  16. The apple in the mixture is a great idea! I am new to baking and wouldn't have thought of that. Blackberries are so delicious! It's a little early for them up here, but I'll definitely try this when I get a batch.


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