Easy Cinnamon-Almond Biscotti

My favorite homemade biscotti.

But first a disclaimer ~

If you make these biscotti yours will be a lovely golden brown color.

Those in the pictures are MUCH darker than if you follow the recipe; as these were ordered by a CINNAMON-NUT who requested DOUBLE cinnamon. I complied but they actually look like they are chocolate flavored. Yours will look different if you follow the recipe as written.

Personally I like the recipe just as written (without the extra cinnamon).

I've made these many times over the past couple of years as everybody loves them, and I always include them in our Christmas goodie baskets for friends and family.

Although these are baked twice, as traditional biscotti are ~ and have a firm texture, they do not have the "break your teeth" characteristic of some biscotti.

This time I dipped some in melted chocolate; Semi-Sweet on some, and White on the others ~ but they are perfectly delicious without the chocolate dip.

A silicone baking mat is a perfect no-stick surface while allowing the chocolate to set up.

If you like Biscotti, and the combination of Almonds and Cinnamon, I think you will adore these as much as we do. I hope you will try them!


  1. Chocolate and cinammon!!! Couldn't be better!!! Lovely photos!!!

  2. Breath taking pictures and presentation; A+

  3. Yum!
    I must say that your photos are as delicious as I'm sure your biscotti is!

  4. Gorgeous biscotti! I am so craving biscotti now! YUM!

  5. They're perfectly beautiful:)

    I recently made some..similar..and must try petite ones next time that I sampled a few years ago..and found again on a delicious blog last week..almost as delicious as yours.. not nearly..almost:)

  6. Mari, those look delicious! I've been in the mood to make biscotti, too. Now that I'm back to work, I'll have to work my baking jaunts back into the weekends again! These would be a great treat to try. Yum!

  7. Mmm, these look great. I think I would like the double cinnamon with them being dipped in chocolate!

  8. Mari, the biscotti is a work of art! I look forward to each post.

  9. Hi everybody! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments. You're very sweet, and I appreciate each one of them. xo~m.

  10. Beautiful Mari! I love making boscotti, yours looks like a real good recipe. I must try it.


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