Cinnamon and Amaretto Flan

After my friend Jain raved about Emeril's Kahlua Flan recipe, I knew I had to try it.
She stunned me by reciting the recipe, from her cell phone, in the midst of shopping
~Psst... thank you for being my personal shopper, Jain! :)

Most of the ingredients come straight from the pantry.

I had no Kahlua in the house, so I substituted Amaretto, the Italian almond liqueur.

Following Jain's lead I added cinnamon to the caramelized sugar; I used the highly intense Vietnamese variety.

Rich, cool, smooth and creamy ~ and not too sweet. :)

It is such an easy recipe, too~

Thank you for sharing the recipe Jain ~ it's one I'll make again,

and I'd love to try it with Kahlua next time.

You can find it on Emeril's website by clicking here.


  1. that sounds amazing! I bet the kahlua will be great too!

  2. It looks amazing Mary! I must try it too:)

    That must have been fun having Jain tell you what you needed:)Too cute!

  3. My mouth is watering. It looks delicious, and your photos of it look good enough to eat! laurie

  4. ummm i want some! i've never had this in my life.

  5. Oh thank you, my hubby loves amaretto. Clarice

  6. Using amaretto in a flan sounds so amazingly good!


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