Fresh Strawberry Tart with Chocolate

Fresh Strawberry Tart with Chocolate
You do not need a "recipe" for this tart. :)

It is simply a baked pie crust ~ your favorite kind; pâte sucrée, or perhaps a press-in cookie crust, or even store-bought. Frozen pastry crust or pre-made graham crusts work as well.
I used my favorite Julia Child pâte sucrée, pricked/docked and baked blind. Allow the crust to cool then brush interior with your favorite melted chocolate.
Allow the chocolate to firm up, then arrange the trimmed berries in a pretty design.
Heat Strawberry jam, of good quality, until it melts (add a tablespoon or so of fruit flavored liqueur, or water to thin).
Allow glaze to cool a bit, then brush/drizzle over the berries.
Decorate the tart as desired; a drizzle of melted chocolate or chocolate leaves as I did this time.
For the chocolate leaves:
These are really easy to make ~ melt chocolate gently in a bowl over hot water, add a bit of non-hydrogenated solid shortening if desired (aids in firming up the chocolate as it cools.)
"Paint" a layer of the melted chocolate to the underside of a few small waxy (organic, non-sprayed) leaves, such as camellias. Allow them to cool, chocolate-side-up on a tray or plate in the refrigerator or freezer until firm.
When chocolate has firmed, gently peel the leaf from the chocolate coating.
Discard the green leaf and decorate with the chocolate leaf as desired.
I like it just the way it is, cool from the fridge, but you can certainly serve with whipped cream, ice cream or frozen yogurt.
If you make this, I hope it tastes delicious~
and that you like it as my family and friends do.


  1. Holy moly! What a beautiful dessert! I love that it is easy to make but will wow any crowd! Thanks for the awesome "recipe"!

  2. Love how easy this is! Strawberry pie was my favorite as a teenager. Time to make it again! I haven't made chocolate leaves in awhile. Yours turned out so pretty, Mari!

  3. Absolutely beautiful and I can taste it's fresh sweetness from your wonderful photos. The chocolate leaves are a perfect hint as to what's inside.

  4. Fabulous photos Mary!:)

    We love strawberry chocolate tarts..Mine is a variation from Coup De Pouce..but yours looks easier and delicious..Yours is next!

  5. You turned these photos in art. I could see some of the matted and framed. Gorgeous.

  6. A very beautiful dessert, Mari.

    Local berries should show up in the farmers markets in a couple of weeks. I'm so ready for them.

  7. Oh, my. Chocolate painted onto the tart, then strawberries, then more chocolate. Oh, my.

  8. Your photos look super-delicious! And I love the fact that this tart is so easy to make. Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try it. For similar easy-to-bake/prepare chocolate recipes visit Dove Chocolate Discoveries' website.

  9. Mary...the tart looks wonderful ans your pics are stupendous!

  10. Oh, when can you come to my house to cook? I live in East Texas and am just salivating for this. Lovely, lovely leaves!

  11. Wow!! Thank you so much everybody!

    Thank you visiting, it's great to know you're reading along. You're so kind to spread the friendship.

    xo ~ m.

  12. I want a bite of that so badly! It is beautiful. I'd really like to make those choclate leaves. Thanks for the directions. laurie

  13. So simple and so stunning. Clarice


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