Cinco de Mayo ~ A Darling Baker's Event!

The Darling Bakers are celebrating Cinco de Mayo ~
and here's what's cooking at my house~

Let's start with dessert first, it's light and fat free, fresh Strawberry Granita.
A truly refreshing and a simple pleasure. (I subbed 1/2 Splenda for the sugar.)

For the main course ~ I found this FABULOUS recipe for grilled shrimp, served with an incredible Chipotle ~ Saffron Cream Salsa on line. Psst... If your experiences with salsas have been limited to the chunky vegetable or fruit varieties you're in for a real TREAT if you make this one.

Proclaimed excellent by my taste testers ~ I'll definitely make it again, it would be great on grilled fish or chicken, too.

The method is very simple; shrimp is marinated for a short time in lime juice, ancho chile powder, garlic and white pepper. Then grilled or broiled until just done.

I started the Chipotle-Cream-Saffron salsa ahead and kept it warm while grilling the shrimp. Very flavorful and simple to put together.

The photo is not the best, (that's what happens when I try to pull a "party" mid-week!) but you can get an idea of how it plates up.

I'll post the recipes on my recipe blog a little later.

I served the grilled shrimp with a favorite recipe from " Fine Cooking';
Arroz Verde (Green Rice.)

This is such a great way to incorporate green veggies into your meal.

I prepare it a bit differently than the instructions in the Fine Cooking recipe, adding the spinach and cilantro at the end of cooking time to retain the vibrant color.

Incidentally, if you don't happen to love cilantro, you can easily omit it here.
I've had this recipe is in my permanent recipe file for a couple of years and have made it numerous times, it's that good! I'll post the recipe over on my recipe blog a little later today.

Finally (what I consider the jewel of the meal), the Fresh Strawberry Granita ~ so pretty to look at, and absolutely bursting with fresh strawberry flavor.

I garnished each one with a little sprig of fresh mint ...

. . . and fresh tiny Alpine strawberry blossoms, both from the garden.

Thanks for joining me today ~

I hope if you try any of these recipes you like them as much as we do.

~ * ~*~*~*~

Sending out good wishes and healing thoughts for our Darling Bakers

who are a little under the weather today. Get well soon, friends!


  1. hola, es muy bonita aqui! i love your shrimp, i will have to make that, maybe even tonight, and the green rice combo is fantatic!

    the granita is beautiful and vibrant, love your wee little blossom, ole its looking mighty tasty here darling, gracias!

  2. Sooo beautiful. I can almost smell the strawberries. Clarice

  3. I'll be watching expectantly for those recipes. Your meal looks very special. I especially can't wait to try the shrimp and salsa Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mmm, that granita looks SO refreshing... beautiful dinner. Going to check out the salsa recipe!

  5. Everything looks wonderful! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  6. Happy cinco de Mayo! I wish that I could go to my favorite Mexican joint in Oakland, (Dona Tomas) but I may have to just fix something myself. I love how you make all these amazing things daily. You have incredible energy. I LOVE to cook, but I don't think I could keep up a food blog as beautifully as you do.
    I'm super jealous of your up close shots of the strawberry granita!

  7. Holy cow, Mari. You outdo yourself everytime I visit your blog. Love the photos, love the food. Great job!

  8. You granitas are perfectly garnished..I recognized the mint and the wee blossoms immediately..Great photos too Mary..Always inspirational..I just read on a blog I like how to print up your blog..You should definitely investigate that! How..what..if.. ever.. ?
    You need to print the recipes and your blog..Cause they are great.
    The shrimp look yummmy too...

  9. I just can't believe how pretty you make your food look. Do you do that on a daily basis, or just for photos? My food tastes okay, but it sure doesn't look this pretty! laurie

  10. perfect photography nd presentations.....dishes looks so colourful nd mouthwatering...


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