Korean Vegetable Pancakes (Pajeon)

A few days ago (see previous post) when I made the Pork Bulgogi I made these Pajeon [Korean Vegetable Pancakes] to complete the meal.

Sorry if there is any confusion with the name of the recipe ~ there are numerous ways of spelling Pajeon, Pa Jun, Pa Jon, P'ajon, etc.  I spelled it the way I've seen it most often, if you know the correct way, I would appreciate your advice! 

"Pa" is the word for green onion/scallion in the Korean language, so if you're going to include 'Pa' in the name of the recipe, be sure to include the scallions. ;)

Very much like many pancake recipes, the batter is made with flour, eggs, water and a little oil. Lots of slivered scallions, and most anything else you would like to add are stirred into the batter, they they are fried in a little vegetable oil into 8 or 9-inch pancakes. (A non-stick skillet is very helpful when making them.)

Besides the scallions I also added grated carrot, chives, and julienned summer squash (yellow crook neck this time.)  Small pieces of fish or shellfish may be added along with the vegetables, almost anything goes.

The simple dipping sauce is  made from soy sauce, a tiny bit of sugar, rice vinegar, hot chili oil and minced garlic ~ it's very tasty and complements the mild pancake slices perfectly.

Great warm or at room temperature I've served these as an appetizer, side dish and even a light main dish along with soup or salad for lunch or dinner.
They are a favorite at our house, and if you try them I hope you love them too.

Mark Bittman has a good instructional video on the NY Times website, which might be helpful if you've never made these before.

You can find a printable version of the recipes I used for the pancakes and dipping sauce over on my recipe blog by clicking HERE.

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  1. They do look good..Thank you!

    The dippping sauce ..always a clincher.

  2. This is different and a great appetizer or little side dish for an Asian inspired meal. My kids would love this as well as your dipping sauce...great recipe!


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