Pea Pod Salad with Radishes, Basil and Ricotta Salata

I've mentioned before how I adore summer, when lunch is as simple to prepare as walking outdoors to the raised veggie & herb beds to gather ingredients for a quick salad.

The original recipe was posted June, 2009 in the New York Times and included sugar snap peas with mint.

No sugar snap peas in our garden, however we did grow pea pods again this year, and the basil is abundant right now so I substituted the pea pods for the sugar snap peas, and basil for the mint. Radishes are a quick crop to grow, and if you plant them successively at two week intervals you can have a constant supply throughout the growing season (if you don't grow them they are usually available inexpensively year round in the market.) Use a mandolin if you have one to slice them nice and thin ~ they seem to taste better that way. :)

The dressing is light and flavorful; a vinaigrette of garlic, freshly squeezed lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. It compliments this combination of crisp vegetables very well.

If you don't have Ricotta Salata cheese, try using Feta or a crumbly goat cheese.

Once you make this, you won't really need to refer to the recipe ~ Here's the link to a printable copy if you would like to try it. (And I hope you will if this sounds good to you.)

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  1. You have done a beautiful thing with some of the summer's best ingredients. Love this recipe. yum!

  2. Beautiful and love this summer salade

  3. This is refreshing and perfect for these lazy days of summer!

  4. Pea pods are so cute.I even like their name..Your salad looks like summer.Fresh,healthy and of course..pretty.
    Your food always follows" The Pretty Rule:)"

  5. Looks lovely and refreshing for these awful summer days! Must try radishes in the garden next year!

  6. Thank you for your wonderful comments everybody, I truly appreciate your kind words. xo

  7. Mari, this has to be about the prettiest salad I've ever seen! Looks like a piece of art work! yum!!!

  8. What a beautiful salad! It really captures everything about summer. How lucky you've got all these beautiful veggies from the garden! :)

  9. what a great combo and knock out pics~

  10. Just gorgeous Mary...this looks so refreshing and as always your pics are amazing!


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