GIVE AWAY!! Grilled/Roasted Veggie & Pasta Salad PLUS a Delicious Give Away!


Recently I was given a very nice kitchen gift set from the Marzetti Company, including 4 bottles of Girard's new, improved salad dressings and was asked to blog about them.  

Sept 6, 2011... I must make a correction, some of Girard's Dressings are Kosher, but not all. Please check the labels. My error for misreading the information on Girard's website.

The good news is that one of my readers will have a chance to win a gift box of four full size (12 ounce) bottles of the same dressings I received:

Light Champagne Dressing
Greek Feta Vinaigrette
Olde Venice Italian Dressing
White Balsamic Vinaigrette

~ Please read further for contest details ~

If you're a regular reader, you probably know that I usually make my dressings from scratch, but when I do purchase a bottled dressing I always reach for a premium dressing like Girard's. Excellent quality, created in San Francisco in 1939, and all of Girard's dressings are Gluten Free and some are also Kosher.

First I made this roasted veggie and gemelli pasta salad tossed with the Greek Feta Vinaigrette

For the vegetables, I chose a couple of things which are abundant in the garden right now: zucchini and red bell peppers, I added slivered red onion and roasted those off for a few minutes in a hot (400˚F) oven. For this recipe I didn't roast them to the point of caramelization ~ I wanted them to remain vibrant and not mushy.

I cooked the pasta, drained and rinsed it in a colander under cold water, added the cooled vegetables, some kalamata olive halves, minced parsley, then drizzled the Girard's dressing over then tossed it well to coat all of the ingredients.  I had a little locally produced feta in the fridge so I added a few crumbles as a finishing touch. It makes a great light dinner (or lunch) on a hot summer day.

Although it's perfect for summer served at room temperature, this would also be delicious served warm, just drizzle the dressing over the hot pasta and warm roasted vegetables, add the olives and parsley and toss.

~ Next, I used the Olde Venice Italian Vinaigrette ~

To go along with dinner last night I sliced tomatoes from the garden and drizzled with Olde Venice Italian Vinaigrette, then sprinkled with herbs.

So simple, and so good, the dressing is well balanced so it enhances the sweet summer tomatoes, but doesn't overpower.

I love tomatoes still warm from the sun and straight from the garden ~ but when tomatoes aren't in season, this dressing would be really good drizzled over oven-roasted tomatoes as well.


I haven't tried all four dressings yet, but I look forward to trying the new Light Champagne Dressing and the White Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Did you know?

With the addition of the 3 new dressings and the Light Champagne Vinaigrette ~ that brings the number of dressings Girard's offers up to an astounding 17 different flavors. There is something for every taste, and the creative possibilities are seemingly endless, (not just for lettuce.)


The Drawing!

To enter the drawing for the gift box of four bottles of dressing: 

1. Click the link below to go to the Everyday Elegance website, look it over and pick a favorite recipe/idea that looks good to you.

2. Then come on back to my blog and leave a comment about which recipe/idea looks appealing  and I'll enter your name in my drawing:

 (Plus, there is a coupon on the site for $1. off your next bottle of Girard's)

3. BONUS!!! Double your chance to win ~ 

If you are a follower of my blog (sidebar, upper right corner), or if you become a new follower, mention it in your comment and I'll enter your name twice. (No need to leave two separate comments.)

>>Contest closes @ 9PM (Pacific) September 8th.<<

 ** Winner will be announced Friday, September 9th, 2011. **

Note:  If you don't have a blog, just enter your comment and check back on Friday September 9th. If your name has been drawn, send me an email with your mailing address.

----> Sorry, due to contest rules the drawing is only open to the continental US.

 ~ ~ Good luck to all who enter! ~~

This is my entry for Foodie Friday @ Designs by Gollum 


  1. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Wow, great photos. The folks at Girard's sure picked the right blogger to promote their dressing and host this giveaway.

    I can't decide between the Greek Roasted Cauliflower or the Brick Chicken. - how about both!

    PS - long time follower, but you already knew that. xo

  2. i have been craving a good salad and your pics have me ready to jump in the car and buy my stuff...

    like i would ever have veggies in my house!

    i will say this, the champagne dressing is THE only dressing i have ever bot for many decades, i was raised on it~

    i've missed you and need to catch up with you in your neck of the woods girl!

  3. This pasta looks amazing! I love the fresh colors and veggies. So up my alley :)

  4. Your salad is lovely..How wise of them to have approached you:)

    I have seen those in the US..If you say they are good they must be.
    I guess if ever I buy one it will be the Champagne one:)
    Registered in my mind.

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  6. Double-Dipped Crispy-Peachy Chicken over Jicama, Fennel, Radicchio and Peach Salad.

    That recipe has every one of my favorite foods. Sounds like something I just have to try.

    -I just subscribed to your blog

  7. I would love to try the Brie and Fig Bruschetta.
    Your photos are outstanding. Girard's got a great deal in getting you to blog about their products.

  8. I'd try the zucchini spears with the last of the garden zucchini! I'm a follower, thanks for the chance to be entered! Your pics are beautiful:@)

  9. Mari -- it all looks AMAZING!!


  10. The Greek Roasted Cauliflower looks great!

  11. And I'm a follower of your blog. Sorry I didn't mention it in my first comment, most giveaways have you enter is separately. Thanks!

  12. The brie and fig bruschetta looks delicious.

  13. That pasta salad looks really wonderful! I think I would like to make the Brie and Fig Bruschetta to go along with your pasta salad.

  14. Oh, I forgot to say that I am a long time follower and recipe maker who is inspired by your recipes, as well as photographs.

  15. Mari,
    As a follower of your blog, =) I so enjoy all the yummy looking foods and have tried many of your recipes. On Everyday Elegance, the Brie and Fig Bruschetta looks amazing! I'm going to have to give that a try!

    Thanks for the chance to try these great dressings!

  16. This looks so yummy!
    I checked out the website and I would love to try the Warm Italian Potato Salad.
    My mom is a big fan of potato salad and I think she will love it.
    I have been a follower for a while and you have given me so many good ideas to cook!
    Thank you so much!

  17. I love the Champagne Arugula Salad. I also just signed up for your wonderful web site. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes.

  18. The Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad sounds good! Thanks for the chance to win Mari.

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  21. the warm italian potato salad looks amazing!! :D
    and iv'e also subscribed by email!
    chocolate_frogs7 at yahoo dot com

  22. All the recipes sound good. I would have to choose the Brie and Fig Brischetta. My kinda food. I have been using Gerard's for years. My favorite store bought dressing. I love to marinate my chicken in the Champagne Vinaigrette. I recently tried the Peach Vinaigrette. It is wonderful with greens, fresh peaches, red onion, goat cheese and almonds.

  23. Greek roasted cauliflower looks delicious!

  24. Brick Chicken! So easy yet so tasty! Gerard's would very easily make it easier and tastier.

  25. Spicy Caesar Chicken Salad! Ooooh ....chipotle chili powder ...doesn't that sound delicious!?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. The warm italian potato salad looks yummy I'm a GFC follower

    immortalb4 at gmail dot com

  29. I am an email subscriber (and I've just spent waaay too much time on the food porn website you linked to ....I LOVE that site too!) ....and so I was distracted and did not properly read your directions. Please forgive me for taking a second comment to let you know I am an email subscriber and GFC follower.

  30. I have subscribed to your blog for a LONG time. It is the most beautifully photographed food blog there is. Your recipes are elegant(yet do-able) and enticing. I agree with the others who say Girard picked the best person to feature their products. That being said, the Girard website is also beautiful and enticing.
    I live in the fig capital of the world and was just saying this morning that while I have access to fresh figs, seldom use them. I am going to buy some figs as soon as the sun comes up and I'm going to make the Fig and Brie Bruschetta. YUM !

  31. Phenomenal photos, Mari! That pasta & those tomatoes seem to GLOW!

    We loved Girards Champagne Dressing for years but its hard to find it around here. I would LOVE to win your giveaway for just that reason.

    I think the Greek Roasted Cauliflower sounded interesting...anything to get more veggies in our diet.

    I'm a fanatical follower & am SO glad I signed up to get your postings via email. I can't wait to open them!
    Thanks for the chance to enter your give-away & thanks for telling us about the $1 coupon. I printed it!

  32. Oh, too bad it's only for people from the US, those dressings look reaaaally good! :)

  33. I loved the Zucchini Spears with Girard's Greek Feta Vinaigrette. It looked simple, unique and elegant.


  34. The Zucchini Spears look and sound delicious, and of course I follow your blog ;)

  35. The food is so good looking. I chose
    Champagne Arugula Salad. I shared about the giveaway on my Facebook profile and Couponing: Towards A Better Health facebook page. I am a follower by blog too.
    Diana (Di Le)

  36. Being absolutely HOPELESS with seasonings (any recipe that says "some" or "a bit of" will be a disaster in my hands!) I've been using dressings as seasonings for years. The Greek Roasted Cauliflower and the Pork Pork in White Balsamic Maple Sauce both look delicious!

    follower, oh yes, i'm definitely a follower!

  37. The Greek Roasted Cauliflower is right up my alley!
    And I subscriber to your wonderful blog!

  38. The Italian potato salad looks great!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  39. I am a follower
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  40. wow, what a yummy giveaway! i think the waldorf wraps look delish. i am a follower! i love salad dressing and use them in my cooking not just my salads. your pasta recipe looks wonderful and i can't wait to try it!

  41. I would vote for the Pork with White Balsamic dressing.


  42. Oh my goodness gracious! I can't decide between the Brie and Fig Bruchette, Zucchini Spears or the
    Warm Italian Potato Salad. If you ask me? It all sounds like a wonderful supper! 'll try them all!

  43. Last spring I began following your blog. I love the recipes and the amazing photo. I would love the Greek Roasted Cauliflower. It looks yummy.

    Thanks for sharing...

  44. Great giveaway!! I love your blog, all the great recipes and your photography is awesome. Makes me so hungry looking at the pictures.

    Mary L

  45. Love the refreshing salads you created with these dressings. The Spicy Caesar Salad from Everyday Elegance's site sounds delicious. I love spicy food and that just sounds perfect to me. Thanks for a chance to win. Of course I'm a follower on your blog. :) Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  46. The Brie and Fig Bruschetta looks amazing.. as does the warm potato salad! I may have to make both!!!

    I am also a new follower of your blog!!!

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  47. Thank you for entering everyone!

    Contest is now closed and the winner will be chosen randomly and announced tomorrow (Friday September 9, 2011.)

    Thanks again! ~Mari

  48. Hi Mari,

    I came back to this post to get the details on how you made your BEAUTIFUL pasta salad, as that is what my Vegan DIL has asked me to bring to Christmas dinner.

    I am SO glad I still have some of the dressings that I won from you! We've been enjoying them daily...thanks again for that win. I need to get some photos up onto my blog about them.
    It has been crazy-busy around here!

    Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas!



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