Postcard ~ From the Garden

Actually, several Postcards ~ Let's take a look at what's blooming right now.

The Dogwood trees are still blooming,
but winding down with their show for this season.

It is a little too early for roses just yet, and most of the Rhodies are delayed in their usual bloom time, this white one is always the first to show each spring.

Of course the pansies & violas are still going strong. These are all "volunteers" from previous years. I love when they re-seed themselves; they appear in the most unexpected places in the garden, in odd pots, between stepping stones, etc.
I don't mind at all and love the casual look they add here and there.

I collect old enamelware coffee pots and tea kettles, and like to plant herbs and/or annuals in them ~ I'll share more another time; here are a couple of them.

I arrange them on a quaint old metal tea cart which we've painted white, I'll post a picture of it in the future so you can see the entire effect.

Columbines thrive in this area ~ they come in an astounding array of color combinations; here are just two. These are the Giant variety.

The deer are welcome all over the property (outside of the fenced gardens, that is.)

The earliest of the Bearded Iris have begun to bloom.

I love the 'blues'... :)

It had just sprinkled prior to taking the pictures of these "no name" Iris from the garden center.

I consider the Peonies (ONE of ) the Queens of the gardens, cherished almost as much as my favorites; the roses~

In case you have never seen them unfurl, these photos show what they look like before they are fully open.

And the photo below shows how they look when full-blown~

To give you an idea of size, this one is approximately 7-inches in diameter, they make a dramatic display when in bloom.

These blooms are from the tree peony; the earliest to bloom each year ~ The bush peonies are still in the tight bud stage and won't put on their show for another couple of weeks.

Something I had never grown, before moving to Oregon are Clematis. Now I cannot imagine a garden without them. I love their vining natures, and the fact that they can coexist so readily with my climbing roses.

This one is "Pink Champagne"; the first to bloom (it's the only one blooming so far). I got carried away with photos of this one ~ and the one thing you probably cannot detect is that it has slightly irridescent, faint blue hue to each petal.

I look forward to the first clematis each year, so please forgive me for sharing so many of this one. :)

Most of my clematis are grown like this, on tall rusty metal arches, along with David Austin English climbing roses.

A few more glimpses of Pink Champagne, so you can see the slight variation in form~

These little straw flowers are some of the tiny favorites, little bundles dry beautifully. I like to combine them with lavender "wands" to make long lasting, fragrant bouquets.

Thank you for taking the tour to view what is blooming in the garden right now.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. you live in Paradise? I never thought it existed till now.

  2. Isn't Spring grand?
    I am having a great day too..and it's even raining..

    But seeing my garden start to emerge..not nearly as quickly as yours..lifts the spirits.. sprinkled with fairy dust friends and little boy sleepovers:)

    I honestly thinks it's amazing you have Clematis already..You are so ahead of us..

    All the blooms and blossoms are delicious.

  3. Beautiful, Mari! I love seeing your garden blooms. It makes me feel so serene - I love that!

  4. wow what a wonderful garden you really have a green thumb

  5. Beautiful pictures, Mari. We've been working in our garden this morning and finally got some things planted! I love peonies and can't wait for ours to bloom!

  6. Pure perfection and bliss...thanks for the tour!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos. I can almost smell them!

  8. So beautiful! It makes me wish I had a green thumb!

  9. Dear Ms. Mari,
    I have to ask you what kind of camera you have because you take AWESOME photos. I have a Kodak East Share and think I might need something a little more sophisticated as it doesn't take great closeups and your camera (and the photographer) takes great pictures?

    P.S. Have you given any thoughts to writing your cookbook that I need you to write? If I win the Lotto, I'll be your publisher and pay you very handsomely!

  10. Hi Mari....someone said it all....You live in paradise!! Would you and Jain like an Eastcoast visitor for a month or is so beautiful out there on the West gals sure are luckily to live around such beauty....

  11. My goodness, I wish I was in your garden. It looks ethereal!


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