The General's Chicken

Are you familiar with my friend Monique's blog, La Table de Nana ?
Monique and I have been internet friend for a couple of years now ~ she is an absolutely delightful person and has nurtured so much inspiration for so many of us.

You must go visit her blog and prepare to be wowwed.

We've discovered that our tastes are similar, and I always know if Monique recommends a recipe that my family will love it too. This one is no exception.

Usually with this dish the sauce is tossed with the chicken to completely enrobe it, this time I drizzled it over so each person could add as much or a little as they like.

Next time I'll toss the chicken with the sauce ~ it is DELICIOUS! And unusual that in addition to the Sweet Chili, the sauce is sweetened with pure maple syrup. Monique suggested to add a little crushed red chili pepper to the sauce, so that's what I did; it added the perfect little kick.

The other thing that sets this apart from other General's chicken dishes that I've made is that it is not deep fried, it is shallow fried. The batter is exceptionally light, crispy-crunchy and airy.

This one went directly into my KEEPER file. I look forward to making it again, soon.

If you make it, I hope you love it, too.


  1. Beautiful!! If you like AND Monique likes it, it must be great! :D Copying and pasting the recipe. Thanks, Mari!

  2. Do you have a recipe for this chicken, I would love it!!! you can e-mail me...

  3. Oh...I am so hungry now!
    Just beautiful!

  4. Thank you Lori! I'm still awestruck by your DB Rose event party ~ everything is so gorgeous.

    Lynn, if you click on "La Table de Nana" above (it is a link to Monique's blog), it will take you right to the recipe. :)

    Hi Linda! Always so good to "see" you sweetie. :)

    Thank you all for stopping by. xo

  5. These look like very sophisticated chicken nuggets ;) I love the rose on the plate!

  6. drooling of my favorite dishes. me thinks i will have to go out on saturday to the ONE decent asian restaurant in these parts and order me a plate :)
    great photographs of the dish!

  7. Oh my gosh Mary..I bet yours is even more delish! It looks it!

    Glad you liked it..too..I am anxious to make it again even:) You make my food look amazing:)

  8. What gorgeous settings!

    Believe it or not, just yesterday I saw her photo on one of the food sites and I had bookmarked it to try with ..... Tofu! I am hoping to make this tonight if I have all the ingredients!

  9. I have to make it after seeing it again on your beautiful site! I like HoneyB's suggestion of using tofu...thanks for your perfectly appetizing photos, they always make everything more enticing!


  10. Her blog is beautiful Mari, as is yours. As a very new food blogger, you two give me a lot of inspiration.


  11. That looks amazing! Can you post the recipe?


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