Valentine's Breakfast

A very simple breakfast to begin a relaxing day ~ the food was very simple; sliced sweet, juicy oranges with raspberry and toasted sliced almond garnish, soft scrambled eggs, and my favorite Coffee Cake, made tiny into little cakelets with Blueberries added.

My Valentine's Day tribute to the Darling Bakers ~

As you'll see, I think I got a little carried away with the pictures. :)

At times like these, I wish the hot tub/spa wasn't right across the deck in view of the bay window-dining nook. :(
Please try to pretend it isn't there. :)

You've all seen scrambled eggs, so I'll skip those... and get on to a zillion images of my favorite coffee cake.

It's a version of New York-Style Crumb Cake, adapted from
The Foster's Market Cookbook.

Usually I make it in a jelly-roll pan, and cut into serving size pieces. (It's really rich, and absolutely loaded with crumbly topping, but not too sweet, just the way I like it.)

This time I made a half recipe (it still makes A LOT), then baked the batter off in the Norpro Mini Cheesecake Pans with removable bottoms:


I love the straight sides on this pan ~ the little cakes bake up nice a tall.

The fresh blueberries were exceptionally sweet, so I added a few to some of the little cakes, sprinkling them over before adding the crumb topping to the batter.

I've posted the recipe on the Once Upon a Plate Recipe blog; HERE, in case you would like to copy and paste it.

You can add other fresh berries instead of the blueberries, although the cake is great plain, with no fruit ~ I also like to add either blackberries or raspberries, too.

Since we don't eat as many sweets at my house any longer, I'll definitely freeze some of these to enjoy another time.

Such an easy breakfast/brunch ~ no need for lunch.

For my dishease friends...
the Valentine's table is an eclectic mix some Churchill (England), some Villeroy & Boch (Germany), the pink cabbage leaf plates, and the white cylindrical pot holding the mini-rose bush are Bordallo Pinhero (Portugal), the little pressed glass dishes are vintage made in USA. Ditto the water glasses. The little pink roses on the silver tray are Salt & Pepper shakers; Staffordshire (England.)
Tablecloth and napkins; April Cornell.

Next up... Valentine's Dinner!


  1. oh my, that looks SOOOOO good! I wish i could take a bite!

  2. What a beautiful table setting! Those cakelets look amazing! I love all the crumbs on time! I am a sucker for crumb topping!

  3. This is just gorgeous! I love those little crumb cakes! Can't wait to see what's for dinner :)

  4. Beautiful Mary! I love it all..
    I used my Nor pro for the DB cupcake bake off with crumb cakes too.. I like them that way, like you say, a little treat then freeze...( and of course I got them on sale in clearance!) :)
    And I have the pressed glass dish too, it was my mom's...I think we might have bought them for her in Woolworth's when we were little kids..
    And your linens..just lovely...

  5. Mari, your dishes are so elegant. I love the mix. But the NY Crumb Cakes...oh, my! They look ambrosial.
    Happy Valentine's!

  6. hello darling, i see a sneak preview here! first do you really think we can see through the window when the table looks like that? those mats are adorable~ what are your tops in the window?

    its all so pretty in pink.

    oh those crumb cakes... i MUST make those, so tiny and plump, yum! the pics are FANTASTIC! everyone looks better and better, the bigger, and bigger they get, i swear my chin is dropping waiting for the final... drats, i didn't even get a morsel...

    hurry up and have dinner, i wanna see more and all lathered together!

  7. Ok Mary...first of all...
    will you marry me? LOL...
    Those heart shaped place mats are so darling...

    Now I have to go and buy the cheesecake pan...I love that crumb cake recipe and it is so darling the way you prepared it...just gorgeous!

    Your Valentines...must be kissing you madly by about this time...
    I can not wait for dinner!


  8. Mary it's all gorgeous. I would never have noticed the hot tub had you not mentioned it. My favorites in all of that prettiness are the placemats! Lovely :-)

  9. I love my bay window seating as the invisible guest who saw and sampled everything at this so pretty breakfast.I agree with Michael the crumbcakes are perfect like little edible chef hats..Mini roses.. Aprill Cornell ..silver..

    You're an artist M..

  10. My favorite part of a coffee cake is a the crumb topping, and yours looks like it has plenty! Love that! Your Valentine's breakfast table is beautiful (with or without the spa in the back...) ;-)

  11. It's all so very beautiful Mari! You are a darling baker.

  12. Your table settings are just beautiful! I love the Fosters Market cookbook, and these New York Style crumb cakes look like they have just the right ratio of crumb to cake (which in my opinion should be quite high!). I wonder, though, sometimes Safari has some trouble opening up Once Upon a Plate. Has anyone else ever told you that? I need to switch to Firefox.

  13. Thank you soo MUCH for such sweet comments!

    Andrea, I didn't know that about Safari ~ hmmm, I wonder why that is? No one has mentioned it to me before (but that's not to say it hasn't happened to other Safari users.) Sorry about the problem.

    Jain, Thanks for asking about the topiaries ~ two are olives, one is a bay, and another (I don't think it's in view in those photos) is a rosemary.

    Thanks agan everyone!


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