Valentine's Day Continued ~

A minor disruption of plans caused a delay in posting my Valentine's Day Dinner, but here goes~

Dinner for two, with a cozy table near the fireplace.

A little nice quality bubbly always makes the celebration a bit more special...

A salad of fresh, hydroponically grown water cress ~ it's a little milder and more tender than the wild variety. Served with pink grapefruit segments, simply poached shrimp, and Prosciutto "Roses".

I like to serve the dressing drizzle separately in a little antique creamer, so each can add as much or as little as they like.

I made a creamy black pepper corn dressing this time, it complemented each component of the salad very nicely.

The main course was Steak Diane~ a classic favorite here.

Along with Potatoes Dutchess, tiny sauteed button mushrooms, and crisp, tender asparagus spears with lemon.

Dessert ~ Individual Baked Alaskas

I did them this time with a slice of butter-vanilla (store bought) pound cake for the base, with Hagen Daz Strawberry Ice Cream, and plain meringue. Garnished with fresh berries.

If you ever need a fast fix dessert, this might be the one to consider...

Any slice of leftover cake, or even a cup cake, sliced can be used as the base, then a cup or so of your favorite ice cream or sorbet, all covered in a stiff sweetened egg-white meringue and baked in a hot oven until the meringue turns lightly golden brown ~ and there you have it.

It was a really lovely dinner, and not too much stress on the cook. :)

~A Darling Baker Event~
I hope you had a very nice Valentine's Day as well!


  1. Love everything.. from the setting to the shrimp and grapefruit salad.. the duchess potatoes and Steak Diane..
    Your mini alaskas..are totally photogenic Mary..
    Just beautiful!

  2. You've set a beatiful table, Mari. What a lovely Valentine's Day menu. I haven't had steak diane in years, you've reminded me how delicious it is.

    I hope your day was extra special.

  3. Unbelieveable! Its so romantic and beautiful! I have never made steak diane. we are huge salad lovers here,,,that looks so good

  4. Your romantic meal and setting is perfection! Just such a wonderful looking salad and steak meal and then you top it off with that glorious dessert. I hope your DH knows how lucky he is :-)

  5. So pretty! Love the baked alaskas!

  6. mary all day long your did perfection~ i love seeing your big pretty pics, it always puts a smile on my face, thank you darling!

  7. So elegant and beautiful, Mari!
    The lemon peeping from the asparagus is nothing short of genius.

  8. It all looks beautiful, Mary..and the food looks delicious.Your pics are stunning..

  9. What everyone else already said! I love the setting, the shrimp & grapefruit salad, the Steak Diane dinner, and the beautiful dessert. I'm sure your Valentine was swooning! ;-)

  10. It makes my day to come to your blog, Mari. Everything always is done to perfection! Just beautiful :)

  11. It makes my day to come to your blog, Mari. Everything always is done to perfection! Just beautiful :)

  12. So gorgeous....perfection is all I can say.
    White tulips are my favorite!
    Mary you are an inspiration!
    L xoxox

  13. Would you and Monique please open a bed and breakfast, so I can come stay.

    How beautiful is this.

  14. Everything looks beautiful and delicious- as always. You do such nice work. Your Valentine is very lucky!

  15. Oh Mari, Oh MY!!! The first thing I noticed were the white tulips..a favorite!

    Your meal was nothing less than perfection.. I can't believe you have asparagus like that this time of year and the berries..everything looked like you would have it in a five star restaurant!!

    Your photos are you give lessons????

  16. im drooling all over that baked alaska!

  17. I can't imagine a more romantic meal Mary. What a perfect setting!

  18. What a romantic dinner, steak dianne, baked alaska by a fire, you can not get more perfect then that. Clarice

  19. I sure wish I lived close to you, and could maybe benefit from some of these AMAZING meals that you create! You must have the happiest husband on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  20. Fantastically beautiful, Mari! The food looks soooo delicious & I ♥ your champagne flutes!
    The whole scene is one of caring & love. I hope you have many, many more Valentines Day celebrations.



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