Glazed Sesame Almonds

When my sweet friend Monique featured these Glazed Sesame Almonds on her delightful blog, La Table de Nana during the holidays, I KNEW I wanted to make them.

Once again Monique has shown the way to another fabulous, "keeper" recipe!

Crunchy, slightly sweet and a little spicy-salty these are positively addictive!

Please click the link above to visit Monique's wonderful blog, and take a peek at the recipe and her beautiful photos.

Thank you so much for sharing the recipe Monique! xoxo

I made them as part of our Darling Bakers Superbowl Appetizer event.


  1. Mary you're so sweet..Uncanny..I wrote my blog for tomorrow before going out this evening and you are mentioned :)

    Nice ...we were thinking of each other:)

  2. Two of my favorite cooks recommending this recipe, means these must be Great! Picture perfect!

  3. I love the spicy-salty-a little sweet flavor combination you've used on these almonds. So tasty with a cocktail before dinner.

    I roast lots of almonds with a sweet coating. This will be a lovely change.

  4. Mari, I'd forgotten about Monique's almonds.

    I love nuts ... always have a stash of Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and almonds on hand. A day doesn't go by that I don't eat nuts!

    Intersting variation .... sesame seeds, ginger, cayenne, sugar and salt ... what a great combination.

  5. What a yummy, healthy snack. Clarice

  6. you and monique, peas in a pod, had to tell apart! thats a good thing!

  7. I've made them too :) Yes, a wonderful recipe! Jain's right, you two are so alike - In a good way :)


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