St. Valentine's Day is...

on my mind.

(Look ~The bulbs are breaking ground. Spring is not far off!)

I love celebrating St. Valentine's Day ~ though I don't decorate as much as some. I do like to collect, and gather a few things to remember the day.

No feather tree, this tiered display stands in, instead:

I just collect things from around the house that seem to fit with the theme. I love hearts, and have collected lots of them through the years... but I used some restraint with decorating this year.

Heart shaped pewter trinket box with pewter-heart pins.

A miniature handmade mohair bear by British artist, Deb Canham.

Miniature 1940's shoe...

cup, saucer and ...

A small Cookie Stamp

Miniature tricycles...

Tiny glass hearts in the wagon...

And the fragrant white hyacinths are blooming, just in time for St. Valentine's Day.

I hope you and your special someone are cooking up something special to celebrate the occasion.

I wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. its all so darling mary! this holiay is made for you, you are such a romantic in my eyes, and all your darling details, LONG LIVE DETAILS! can't wait to see what you will be cooking~

  2. Mary, this makes me smile. Joe and I just loved the romantic touches.

  3. Seems to me every holiday is meant for you ..and Jain..:) You just go for it!! J would like that..he's the first to talk about the Xmas decorations.
    The sweet part is two share:)And share everything..the ideas..the photos..just fun!
    I like thhe holidays too.. Easter is fast becoming so dear to me..

    Bulbs breaking ground?
    Oh how lucky..and I know how hard you worked last year!!
    Rewards soon..
    I'll be way behind you..
    The stand is a beautiful piece to highlight all your red and heart felt treasures..
    I like seeing the wagon outside..How cute is that?
    Happy valentine's Day to you and yours too Mary!

  4. great decorations. I love the hearts in the wagon.

    Your little blooms are so pretty! My bulbs have broken ground to, but ohhh so tiny yet. We are going to get snow this weekend so maybe they will go back to sleep.

  5. Just beautiful Mary!
    I am afraid I have done no decorating at all this year...but I am so enjoying looking at all of your beautiful things!

  6. Beautiful photos of your Valentine treasures, Mari. I especially like your heart shaped pins.

    A very happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

  7. Happy Valentine's Day Mari! I did not decorate I think the Big Red Kitchen is enough red! Wink. Me and children did make 44 candy leis for their classmates which was so much fun. I love all you photos- so very romantic and sweet!

  8. Lovely post! Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. What Treasures.....that includes you my dear.

    Happy Valentines Day~

  10. Mary, so pretty, love all your little treasures!
    It looks so green there through
    your window. Like Monique we are months from seeing anything sprouting...
    Happy ♥day, Mary, enjoy it..

  11. I dont think I have anything heart shaped lying around! But I could put together some stuffed toys and my kitchen is red - does that count?! Thanks so much for these great decorating ideas!

  12. Everything is so amazingly beautiful..:)

  13. I have to send my sister a link to your post, because when we were antiquing last summer she bought a carved, heart-shaped wooden plaque that they said was a maple sugar something - mold? stamp? Anyway, we couldn't figure it out but she was going to hang it on the wall anyway. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!

  14. Such a darling post, Mari. i was initially confused about the size of the trike and wagon ... then realized the size as compared to your tulips.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  15. This is an extraordinary vignette. I enjoyed it tremendously.

  16. Mari - you have some of the most lovely pieces I have ever seen...your collection is so whimsical and unique!


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