Lahmahjoon ~ Armenian "Pizza"

These savory "pizzas" are spread with a tomato-lamb topping, baked, then cut into wedges to serve.

They can be served hot or cold, cut into wedges as an appetizer, or put some tender greens, (and other salad makings if you like), in the middle and fold over like a taco for a delicious meal.

You can substitute ground beef instead of ground lamb, if you prefer.

There are several versions/variations of Lahmahjoon. The first time I made it I followed a different recipe, I made my own flatbread but the raw-meat topping was spread on very thinly (about a tablespoon and a half of topping per flatbread), and allowed to bake to cook throughly right on the bread.

But this time I used store bought, fresh naan (Indian flatbread), cooked the topping separately then spread it on thickly and baked the breads on an oiled baking sheet in a hot (450-degree F) oven until hot and slightly crisp.

I like to add some plain yogurt and a few toasted pinenuts when I serve them. Thick Greek yogurt works best. If you have regular yogurt, drain in a paper towel (or cheese cloth) lined sieve/strainer, allow to drain over a bowl for at least 30 minutes or longer, some of the whey will drain out and as it does the yogurt will thicken.

The greens I used this time were Upland Cress, a type of hydroponically grown water cress, with much larger leaves and a milder flavor. It complements the slightly spicy lamb very well.

The complete recipe can be found by clicking


  1. This has to be as delicious as it looks! I love recipes that incorporate ground lamb, as we buy grass fed lamb at the farmers market. I know my husband would love to try this!

  2. ANOTHER hunk of great pics! love your new header too~

  3. Your pics are all pure torture to my hungry tummy Marie..:P

  4. Great photos Mari - looks great for an appie!

  5. Love lamb and this looks delicious!

  6. Every culture has some form of flat bread with stuff on it! This one looks delicious!

  7. That looks delicious, and I have seen Nam in the store..
    I wonder what flat bread originated in Ireland?

  8. This (or something similar) has been on my cook-someday list for a very very long time. It looks even more wonderful now!

  9. Mari, that looks so amazing. I want that - now!!

  10. I'm not a lamb fan, BUT....a meat pizza turns me on like nobody's business..I may play with this...

    hey, kudos on the header shuga.

    you are definitely header savvy.
    it looks good, real good.

  11. Oh pretty new header!

    It all looks so good..:)

  12. Looks delish. I just started seeing Naan in our area stores but didn't know what it was used for. Do you use it in other recipes as well?

  13. Thanks for your comments and compliments everyone. I love when you share your thoughts here.

    Kathleen and Kathleen, you two CRACK me up! *grin*

  14. I have not seen this before but looks like something I would love. Clarice

  15. Great pizza....Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest, surely there must be some more delicous dishes.

  16. Mari this is a nice looking pizza and such different flavors. I am always looking for different taste sensations, tired of the old standbys lately!


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