Easy Blueberry-Almond Sticky Buns

Okay, so I've never been a big fan of Sticky Buns.

Recently I watched Ina Garten ~ The Barefoot Contessa, make them in a current episode, and I looked at her recipe in her newest cookbook and still wasn't impressed...

Until I saw my friend Jain's version on her Once In a Blue Moon blog! (Click to check it out.)

Jain had the brilliant idea of swapping out the raisins and walnuts for dried blueberries and almonds. Bingo!

Wow, What a difference! These are sticky buns I can love, and the good news is they are EASY to make!

They are made with frozen puff pastry squares, I used Pepperidge Farm.

One package (2 sheets of dough) makes 12 sticky buns. I halved the recipe and made 6 instead. I'm glad I did, because these babies are irresistible. :)

To make them you simply put a tablespoon of brown sugar butter mixture into each muffin/cupcake well, then the nuts. Next, spread the sheet of puff pastry with cooled melted butter, sprinkle with brown sugar, cinnamon, and the dried blueberries. (I use a combination of sliced an slivered almonds.) Roll the pastry up, jelly-roll fashion and cut each rolled sheet into 6 equal portions, place each slice into a muffin well, spiral side up, and bake until deeply brown.

The house smells heavenly while they are baking. So delicious, and so easy! I think the most difficult part is waiting for the sticky buns to become cool enough to eat. :)

The printable recipe can be found on

Thank you for the great alternative Jain!


  1. thanks mary for mentioning me, they are killer delish aren't they! i should make scott a batch for dinner, i mean dessert tonight. we ate all 6 in a twinkle last time, yep KILLER GOOD!

    your pics look fantastic~

  2. Two of my favorite cooks recommending one recipe...Now, I know it is a KEEPER! Thanks for showing everyday that food is more than something to is beautiful art in your photos!

  3. Mari, I remember seeing them on Jain's blog... so pretty. And yours are beautiful, too.

  4. I remember these from Jains blog also..looks heavenly! Fantastic photos make them look completely irresistible...

  5. I remember these like yesterday..and I have the plates!!!
    I AM such a lucky person.

    You did Jain proud!

  6. Hi everyone, if you make them, I hope you can find nice BIG plump dried Blueberries (the kind Jain used).

    I bought Sunkist in a little opaque metallic silver/plastic pouch and was SURPRISED when I opened it to find that the blueberries were teeny, smaller than pea sized berries. I realize they have been dried and expected them to be small, but these were smaller than I expected. However, they were moist but very tiny and they dried out a little more that I would have liked during baking.

    This recipe is going on my "easy, delicious, & favorites" file. Next time I'll look for larger dried berries. :)

    If you try it with this combination of fruit and nuts, I hope you like it as much as we did. They are VERY good!

  7. What a great idea to add blueberries to sticky buns! YUM!

    Just a note that I changed my blog address:

  8. Thank you Meg, I'll change it on my favorite list. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  9. I've got some blueberries that would love to be made into these buns! They look great Mary

  10. Good gawd woman how did I miss this post?

    These look absolutely fantastic!!!!
    Great job on the photos!

  11. Oh.... you are killing me...those look so good...better than good!
    L xoxox

  12. Nice variation on sticky buns. These look very sticky and very yummy :)

  13. The word "easy" matters not. However, blueberry and almond rendered me powerless. Delicious combination.

  14. I love the idea of blueberries. It looks so yummy. Clarice


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