Happy Valentine's Day ~ Part 1

I'll be back to share some peeks of Valentine's Day from my house later today.
Do you have any special plans, or traditions for this day?

If you do, please share!

Whether you celebrate, or not,
I hope everyone has a happy day.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!! It looks like you are ready to celabrate xoxoxo Clarice

  2. Looks like you have a busy Valentines day ahead of you if you use all of that pretty stuff :-) We have exchanged little gifts here. Randy always gets me something for the garden. This year some 8 ft tall lattice trellises he made for my clematis that want to grow wayyyy to tall for the shorter storebought trellises. I went silly and gave him a little stuffed Shih Tzu puppy I found. I am going to bake some little Sugar Cakes in a heart shaped pan and maybe we will go out tonight or maybe it will be steaks at home. Haven't decided yet! Have a Happy Valentines Day Mary :-)

  3. I do have plans.. Just a coincidence that it's Valentine's Day..Jojo's.
    Had to drop by and say Hi and I will drop by tonight when we come home to see what treats you have made today..I'm sure you'll spoil Will and even some friends and neighbours..
    Have a fun day Mary..see you later..and I liked this photo even the first time:) I went shopping in my head!

  4. Well, it's the day after but I had to share! We've been spending the last few Valentines' Days with two other couples. This year we hosted and I must give you a lot of credit! For our gifts to our friends, I made hand-painted heart shaped sugar cookies and shortbread in the Foo Dog and Koi molds (THANK YOU for the ideas!!!) They were a huge hit. The meal was Ina Garten's Shrimp Scampi, crispy kale, and champagne risotto with asparagus tips with chocolate fondue for dessert. Yumm!


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