Spicy Salt & Pepper Chicken Lollipops

Another appetizer I made for our Darling Baker's Superbowl Appetizer Party.

The recipe is a take-off on one I've been making for years and years, from "Sunset" Magazine.

A cut is made around the circumference of the small end of the chicken wing drumette bone, the skin is pulled down over the large end. They are seasoned heavily with salt and pepper then dusted with corn starch and fried until crispy crunchy.

They are soo good!

Just a note:

This time I made them using previously frozen chicken drumettes, which I do not recommend. The results are much neater if you use fresh chicken wings (as I usually do.)

Thank you Jain for planning this DB event!


  1. One of my favorites is Salt and Pepper Shrimp. Heavily seasoned, rolled in cornstarch and fried. Heaven on a plate. These are great for appetizers - I bet kids would love them!

  2. Works of art these are! I'll definitely be trying these.

  3. Picture perfect Mari..:)..We usually make it more spicy with Red chilli or cayenne paper..These look gorgeous..that kitchen towel(hope am right abt that..) n the flower..Abs beautiful dear..:)

  4. Looks quite tasty Mary! I would love these.

  5. Mari, they look wonderful ... Thank you for the review of the frozen chicken drumettes.

    The photos is fantastic .... gorgeous, vibrant colors.

  6. Boy does this bring back memories. I loved these when I was a girl. Clarice

  7. Boy does this bring back memories. I loved these when I was a girl. Clarice

  8. always fab mary, ALWAYS! thanks so much for such a darling weekend, i am truly happy to think of you as my friend darling!


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