Asparagus-Ricotta Won Ton Ravioli

With extra won ton skins/wrappers, and a bit of extra asparagus I made a hasty version of Asparagus-Ricotta Ravioli.

Any filling you prefer would fill these nicely. I simply cooked the asparagus (and retained some of the tips for garnish), chopped the remainder of the stalks and processed them in the food processor until smooth. Then added some ricotta and grated Parmesano Reggiano cheese; seasoned to taste with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a touch of freshly grated nutmeg.

To assemble:
1. Have ready your filling with a small scoop or teaspoon.
2. A stack of won ton wraps.
3. Scoop a small amount of filling on won ton.
4. Place second won ton wrap over filling & seal edges with water, press firmly to seal.
5. Cut with sharp cookie or biscuit cutter.
6. Set aside, covered so they don't dry out until all are completed.

Assembled and ready to cook in a large pot of gently boiling, salted water. They cook in moments.

Garnish with a little melted butter (browned, or not), and a spinkle of additional grated Parmesano Reggiano and the reserved asparagus tips.
I still prefer raviolis made with handmade pasta dough, but these are delicious and a great way to utilize a few leftover ingredients.


  1. Now there's a healthy meal, and easy to prepare.

    I'm hungry.

  2. How creative and lovely! One day I will make homemade ravioli . . .its on my list! Your looks like a delight!

  3. Oh I have everything but the wonton wrappers in my fridge, what a clever idea!

  4. Love what you do with won ton wrappers!!

  5. Bet these were delicious! I should pick up a package of wrappers to have on hand.

  6. They look sooo good..I still regret the push mini ravioli gadget you recommended!
    Next time!
    I love will smile when you see what we had for lunch yesterday~

  7. I love the idea of making ravioli with wontons, because I've tried making them with dough and it was kind of a disaster...asparagus ravioli sounds wonderful. I love the cakes in your new banner, too! Beautiful!

  8. So simple to make yet very sophisticated! I'm definitely trying these!

  9. Picture perfect..looks like hdtv!
    Beautiful meal, Mary!

  10. dang you ALWAYS DO IT ALL SO WELL! i love the numbers, even a kitchen dolt like me gets it! i love asparagus, your dinner pics are surreal they are so crystal clear! fab as always~

  11. They are so pretty and I bet they are delicious!

  12. You're amazing.... I love to come here and see what you're cooking...

    Have a blessed weekend...


  13. These look so good, and you make it look so easy! You have given me the nudge to try making them. Thank you!

  14. Very appetizing! And your asparagus sesame spoons will be a hit at a dinner party we will be attending on Friday. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Great little pictorial Mary! I like your little cutter tool. Will have to look for one like that. Beautiful ravioli. You make me want to try some.

  16. That looks like an absolutely delightful meal, Mary! Thank you for the instructions too :)

  17. Yeah.......finally I can comment on your blog!! I have been trying for 2 months now. I don't know why I couldn't...I didn't have this problem with any others.

    Those ravioli are to die for!!!! I love asparagus.


  18. I love won-ton skins for raviolis‘. So much easier. Clarice

  19. Thank you everyone!

    If you try them, just keep in mind to season the filling very well, otherwise they will be bland. And that they will not be like traditional raviolis as the pasta casing (wonton wrapper) is so much thinner.

    Hope you like them!

  20. Cheryl, I'm so sorry you've had problems posting here. I hope the gremlin (or whatever) is gone. :)

    It's so nice to have you stop by!


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