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I'm sharing my cupcakes this week~ this is a short summary. I lost a bunch of them when my old computer crashed.

Please feel free to do a search here for "cupcakes", (far upper left-hand corner) and it should take you to the cupcakes on my blog.

Just randomly...

The Napoleon Cupcakes, which I learned from darling Em, at her blog

And the mini Lemon-Cream~

The Barefoot Contessa's Coconut Cupcakes ~

My take on Nigella Lawson's Fairy Cakes ~

you can do them a number of ways:

With fresh, organic flower decorations, from my garden~

... Pink Rose Fairy Cakes ~

and for Autumn ~

Pumpkin-Spice Cakelets with Brown Sugar Icing

And then another "cupcake" baked in molds as well, heart-shaped this time.

Brownie-like with Chocolate Ganache, and garnished with more edible, organic flowers from the garden.

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  1. Mari! These are just a dream! Pinch me and make me know I'm not dreaming. WOW! You are some kind of talented. Are you a professional chef? Or is cooking just your passion? Or both? My grandmother's specialty were cupcakes, and I don't know when I've ever had any better... but those cupcakes with the cream centers... be still my beating magpie heart! Oh, I could scoop them up and eat a baker's dozen before you could bat an eye! ;-)

    This is a gorgeous blog... from the deep blue color to the fabulous header of which I could eat my way through it.

    Thanks for sharing. It was a delight!

    Happy Foodie Friday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. These are some of the prettiest cupcakes I've seen in a long time! I love the fresh flowers on top, they are a gorgeous touch!

  3. This tour of cupcakes is a treat for the senses. What do you recommend for icing cupcakes? (I tend to use a spoon, and it didn't work today :-(. Icing everywhere, even on my neck. I tried a Ziploc bag, and the result was frightening; then I used the stiff plastic pastry bag and got control of it around the time the icing ran out.
    Love your organic pansies.

  4. Mari..tell could anyone possibly eat those pretty things.??I mean I wont even are to hurt are awesome dear..Hats off to you for the nth time..:O
    psst..visit my space for some more colors..;-)

  5. n yeah..Are there the recipes for these?If so please link them to the pics dear..:)

  6. oh i love your collection, like a jewelry box to be enjoyed over and over again! i swear the first one is the one i covet, but of course i would take everyone on off your hands in a pinch!

    you always do things so well!

  7. Oh me, Oh my! I have landed in cup cake heaven! They are wonderful, now you have me wanting to go plant flowers fast! lol They are so sweet,and lovely! I got to go back and look at the fairy ones!

  8. WOW!! I am so glad that I found your blog. Your cupcakes are so beautiful. I am adding you to my favorites. I want to be sure to come back and look at your blog some more. You are very.. talented. Hugs, Terrie

  9. Oh, my...these are so so lovely.
    I do wish I had the patience but mostly the talent to cook like that. Mine is just plain, old , downhome cooking. I am going to try this one day, tho...
    Just beautiful

  10. These beauties are works of art! I'd say too pretty to eat, but if I was in their vicinity, I'd certainly help them fulfill their destiny as a food group! Nancy

  11. Mary - you know how much I love ALL your cupcakes. MY fav is still the mini lemon cream but all are wonderful!! Never tire in seeing them...

  12. The cupcakes are breathtaking and so pretty. You are very talented and I'm very hungry for a cupcake.

  13. Mari, what a beautiful collection! I feel like I have stopped by a cupcake boutique!

  14. I think cupcakes may be my new passion! These are beauatiful and each and every one sounds tempting. I will be doing further research :)

  15. OM MY GOSH!!! I'm ready to call out sick from work, and stay home so I can have a bake-a-thon! They all look absolutely delicious!
    The photographs are amazing you do an OUTSTANDING job! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Cupcakes..cookies..aebelskivers,zucchini boats:)All 5 star all the time:)

    Sighned..A fan x

  17. Your food is always beautiful and with many of these you also combined your excellent skills in gardening.

    Your cupcakes are inspiring. I am currently working on cupcakes for an event tomorrow; I also had looked at Ina Garten's coconut cupcakes. I think they are my favorite.

  18. They are all so beautiful! I wish I could have one of each!

  19. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Mari. Each little cake is a work of art.

  20. Happy Foodie Friday!oh my GORGEOUS cupcakes!


  21. Oh. my. gosh! Your cupcakes are stunning! Seriously, you are a master at this! I really like those Fairy Cakes, and the ones with fresh flowers are so beautiful ... that icing looks like a snow covered mountain top! Don't even get me started on those pumpkin-spice cakelets! I love the word, "cakelet"!
    Beautiful stuff here! Have a great weekend!

  22. I remember them all, and would love to try each one.
    They are gorgeous!
    I haven't seen you lately..all is well?

  23. Mari, Your cupcakes are awesome. I came along just a month or two ago so I remember some of them. I especially love the one with the pansies. ~ Robyn

  24. These are absolutely gorgeous. Almost too pretty to eat (almost lol) The coconut ones will be in my dreams tonight for sure. And the pink rose fairy cake - just beautiful! These are truly making me drool! Kathy

  25. Hi Mari! Oh, what heavenlyness! These cupcakes are so beautiful it would be hard to take the first bite out of one of them. But I know I could do it. I'm sure I could! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  26. Oh my! With cupcakes this beautiful who cares about calories. LOL These pics are pure eye candy. I am in love with your blog. You have an obvious culinary gift, but you also have a gift for food photography. Beautiful! Blessings, Barb

  27. Mari, that is the most beautiful collection of cupcakes I've ever seen! You are a true artiste - in front of and behind the camera. Wow!

  28. oh dear god.

    I hadn't seen these before I made my cupcakes.

    if my cupcakes hang out with your cupcakes, they might learn a few things.

    you think Skipper ever learned anything from Barbie? I hope so.

  29. Thank you everyone! Wow, such generous praise.

    I'm not much into making elaborate desserts ~ cupcakes are more my speed. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by, I love knowing you're there reading along! xo

  30. You don't call these elaborate?? They are gorgeous and I'm sure taste every bit as good. I too, was hoping for a link to some of the recipes. We are having cupcakes (done professionally) instead of a groom's cake at my daughter's June wedding. LOVE cupcakes!!


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