Sticky and Sweet Ginger-Orange Chicken Wings

For our Superbowl Darling Baker Party I made several appetizers, all inspired by an Asian theme.

I usually make this one as a main course using chicken thighs, but wings work equally well.

You can use any teriyaki sauce, but I make my own with lots of fresh ginger, some fresh minced garlic, soy sauce and extra-dry cocktail Sherry and some sugar. Optional, a little fresh squeezed orange juice and zest from the orange.

First I mix the sauce ingredients (everything except the ginger, garlic and orange zest) and set aside.
The chicken pieces are browned in a little oil in a medium hot skillet. When they are thoroughly browned the excess oil is poured off and the ginger and garlic are added to the pan to cook for a few minutes.

Reduce the heat, partially cover and allow the chicken to simmer gently while the sauce reduces and becomes syrupy, stirring and turning the chicken occasionally.

Remove any pieces of ginger and garlic, serve the chicken, pouring sauce over and garnish with orange zest and cilantro or thinly sliced green onions/scallions if desired.

Part of the Darling Bakers Superbowl Appetizer party!


  1. These look like they are full of flavor!

  2. They look so good. I wish I could reach in and take one. Or two!!

  3. Playing around with wings?he he..Mari..I am in love with all you cookware..:)..n also,the chicken looks like its gonna jump from the monitor..Awesome!!

  4. Orange and ginger are a brilliant combination, they go so well together!

  5. Another wonderful Asian twist! They sound delightful~


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