Tablescape Thursday ~ February 26th

Thank you Susan, for hosting Tablescape Thursday!

My theme this week?


I'm getting a little tired of old man winter...

It's all about Spring [GREEN!] and a bit of ivory ~ something cheerful while waiting for the weather to warm.

A little creamy Asparagus Soup and some homemade rolls... (the main course served up a little later.)

I've got quite a bit going on right now so I'll just show my shots of the table and soup.

I promise you, more food photos will appear this weekend.

The Darling Bakers have a BEACH PARTY coming up!
Stay tuned. :)

I hope you're all doing well.

I would like to thank each of you for stopping by...

I love to meet new friends...

I hope you'll add my blog to your favorites list, and come back and visit me again very soon.

I'm ready to say BYE BYE to winter!

How about you?

If you would like to see some of my other table settings, please click~

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Hope you enjoy!

Please leave a comment so I can come visit your blog, too! xo~


  1. I seriously think you hav 3 pantries to store so much of cute lovely much of them..lovely spread Marie..:)
    Long since I saw u at my place..:(

  2. I adore the way you've put your table together. Everything is lovely and the green and ivory is serene. The soup dishes with the little lids are my favorite! I love hot soup, and really am disappointed when my soup is cold before I can enjoy it! Great idea! Thanks for sharing, ~Katy

  3. My goodness, how you inspire me! I found your blog yesterday and couldn't get enough. :-) Your photography is amazing and makes me want to cook everything you post. Thanks for doing all you do!

  4. Love the poultry centerpiece, love the shade of green, love the soup pots--I guess I just love it all!

  5. Hi Mari :-) Bright and cheery! I am also looking forward to spring. Hope all is well.

  6. I see at least your snow is gone!

    It sure makes for a beautifully cheery tablescape with the greens and creams..The rooster and lemons:)

    I am particularly fond of the pashmina adorned water jug.. sure to be a fashion statement one day here soon too:) If you don't mind..:)
    Think of how many pashminas it will have!

  7. Your tablescape is so beautiful, Mari. And your asparagus soup is perfect in your little green covered bowls.

    Madame Chicken is happily watching over it all. You always set a gorgeous table.

    I woke up to snow this morning. No signs of spring today. Enough already.

  8. I love the neutrality of the cream table with the pop of green in the bowls, naplins and apples. And, are those Moomie's rolls?!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful table setting Mari! May I come for lunch?!! It would be so fun to sit and have lunch with you! I'll bring champagne!

    And to Varsha comment- Mari you really must post a "Mari's Great Wall of China in Oregon" post!!

    thinking of you... xj

  10. I love the cream and green. Your table is just lovely!

  11. oh its fabulous mary! i love green and white, and of course asparagus soup! it looks so fresh and inviting, i am so happy you are doing tt, everyone can enjoy all your massive collection and ooooogle like the rest of us!


  12. That is a beautiful table. I love your covered bowls, everything looks so fresh and crisp!!

  13. Very casual but elegant Mary. I love your chickie!

  14. I'm dreaming of spring also, Mari! It's especially tough after coming back from vacation in a warm climate with green grass to snow still on the ground.

    I love your cheery tablesetting.

  15. Mari, a feast for the eyes and the soul. I love this shade of green with white. The soup looks soooo good!

    Your windows show that blue time when dusk is falling. It's my favorite moment of the day..just a breath of a moment.

  16. Beautiful table, Mari! I *love* your all white chicken... she looks so pretty sitting there!

  17. Beautiful! I love the shades of green!

  18. I'd say spring green and ivory are the perfect colors to bid farewell to winter and say hello to spring! You did a beautiful job with this...I love everything about it. The colors are favorites of mine as well, and the asparagus soup sounds heavenly, and the color is so perfect in the pretty bowls! Now, that was excellent color coordination! A true tablescaping skill for sure. :-)

  19. Mari, are those little, individual crocks of butter? You are amazing!!
    My offer to be adopted still stands. I'm super charming, a good little eater, and I'm a great at unloading the dishwasher.

  20. Oh Mari! I love the colors, love the soup crocks, love the placemats, love your chicken... Beautiful table!

  21. This is lovely! Wow I love the cream and that shade of green! It is beautiful! What a wonderful table, and I love it when there are plates stacked on top of plates!!!! Love the chicken too!

  22. Mari - just love your green and ivory..from the covered soup bowls to your BIG chicken centerpiece!

    Since I woke up to a sleet storm this is just what I needed to NOT think of the outside!

  23. Your table today is simply gorgeous - I love the soft creamy yellow and green together. Two of my favorite colors! Of course Mr. Rooster caught my eye. I love roosters and my kitchen and breakfast room is filled to the brim.

  24. What a stunning tablscape you have prepared here. I love the apples and the white rooster. I have a lexon white rooster and I just love moving it around. This tablscape is so well though out and you did a wonderful job.

  25. Seeing great talent makes me wanna spout out a few words that well....

    I'd better not.

    You are so gifted girl.....

    wow. just wow.

  26. I love your green and cream theme.It looks so spring like.I enjoyed my visit and will be back to visit!

  27. Love your ruffled plates, so pretty. The white chicken. . .want her!
    Your table is just lovely.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  28. Oh, my goodness - I LOVE this setting! Those ruffled dishes are gorgeous! And the whole setting, food included, are bursting with springtime goodness. Can't wait to come back next week and see what you've "cooked" up.
    Have a nice weekend. :=) Brenda

  29. Your tablescapes are always so beautiful that they leave me speechless! (and thinking that you must have TONS of cupbaord spave!) I love them all!

  30. Bonus! A lovely tablescape and delicious food to admire! The chicken is adorable, and the fresh spring green colors are just what I needed to see on this gloomy NJ day.

    I have a giveway at my blog, if you want to stop by. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  31. Very cozy, with a hint of spring :)

  32. I am so impressed.If you aren't a pro,you should be.This is awesome.I shall return...Ann

  33. Oh what a fresh wonderful table setting. So pleasing to the eye!!
    Happy TT to you...

  34. I love your spring green table! Everything looks so warm and welcoming. I love the chicken on green brings a smile.

  35. Running late this week visiting blogs....again...
    Hope you had a great Tablescape Thursday

  36. I love it all! So refreshing to the eye...

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you visit my blog soon! This is my second time doing this.

    Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes

  37. Totally lovely table, really like that rooster!
    Feels like spring and all your food photos making me soooo hungry, yum!
    Linda Q

  38. Wow~ Beautiful table. I love the green and ivory and the rooster with apples is so clever and cute! Cindy

  39. Mari- You must have one huge colletcion of dishes. We rarely see the same one twice. I am a collector of dishes too. Seems I never have enough!

  40. Oh so fresh and pretty! Asparagus always says Spring to me!
    Elaine :)


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