Postcards ~ Near Home

Tuesday and Wednesday our area was showered with a light snowfall. Unusual for February, as we typically are finished with snow in January at this altitude.

Although the snow amounted to just a few inches, it was wet and heavy causing frequent intermittant power outages, a perfect opportunity to get out of the house for a bite of lunch at a small nearby cafe.

The drive is pretty through the forest, just on the other side of the river. :)

These are a few shots from around the bend from my house, along the way.

Looking at the area today it's difficult to believe in few weeks, as the weather warms, the river and riverbanks will be lively with fishermen and others enjoying all kinds of water sports.

Snow fell then melted on this rock in the shape of a heart... although I enhanced it just a little bit with my fingers. :) I couldn't resist.

As pretty as it was, it was so nice to come home and get cozy in front of a warm fire.


  1. I enjoy your postcards from home Mari. So much beauty in this world!

  2. Mary..the last snowfalls .. and the first snowfalls..or the heavy cripsy white snowfalls on a clear blue day..are the best..It's the in between ones that lose their lustre....
    The heart made me smile because where we made the rink for the boys.. there was a heart shpe on the rock wher I thought they would sit:)

    We see hearts everywhere don't we?:)
    Love your postcards..they me an insight of your days.I bet you are anxious for the blooms.

  3. What a beautiful part of our country you live in! Where I live, it's flat as a pancake and we are going to reach 74F today!

  4. Beautiful photos, Mari. It is amazing how much difference in the weather a hundred feet in elevation can make.

    Gorgeous scenery where we live. Aren't we lucky to be Oregonians?

  5. What state Mari?

    It's beautiful, what I wouldn't give to live near a river!

    I love your post cards. I do.
    Little windows into your life.
    I like windows.


  6. I too love your postcards! These photos look so serene with the fog hanging in the air. Just a gorgeous area you live in! I know you sometimes say you miss SF but truly you area just says tranquility to me. I love the heart!

  7. Mari - you live in a gorgeous your postcards!!

  8. Hi Mari. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment. It is nice to meet you. I meant to get over to your blog yesterday but time just ran out.

    I love your snow photos, especially the heart one. Now your blog has made me hungry with all these photos of food. :-) Hope to see you around again.

  9. oh you look like winter, and so steep drving to your home too~ that isn't the snake is it? and the mircale heart rock, how cute is that~ looks like a wonderful day to stay home and bake, but i know better!

  10. Oh you live in a magical looking place Mary...
    Thanks for sharing!
    L xoxo

  11. Mari,u are in a small gona check out the rest of the cards too..BTW,where is this place??

  12. Beautifully tranquil images, Mari.

    I was talking to my mom earlier today, and she mentioned waking up to a thin layer of snow covering her little corner of the world ... in Florida.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous Mari! So very tranquil and serene! I love seeing your photos of the beautiful Northwest!
    Hugs to you. j.

  14. Beautiful, Mary..thanks for the trip to a place I will never see!

  15. Thank you SO much for your sweet comments everyone! :) :) :)

    My house is in south-west Oregon, just about an hour from the California border, and the coast.

    I'm from California, which is also beautiful but I really love the Pacific Northwest, and never tire of the definite change of seasons, the breathtaking wilderness and lush, beautiful scenery in almost every direction.

    Thank you so much for stopping by, and for leaving such nice comments! :)

  16. It is sort of a bizzaro year. But it was lovely to see the snow again. Clarice


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