Foodie Friday with Designs by Gollum

I'm so happy to be a part of darling mlw's Gollum Design's very first

I decided to bring fresh Raspberry mini (bite-size) cheesecakes to the party. They have a cinnamon-graham, buttery crust with a smooth, creamy vanilla cream cheese filling and a sour cream topping. Each are finished with a sweet raspberry and served with a seedless raspberry sauce. :)

Single subject for me today...

Grab a fork and plate, and please help yourself!

Here are the photos ~

But my personal favorite is still Valentine's Day dessert ~

so I made several individual Baked Alaskas for those of you who would prefer these.

Have fun!

I can't wait to see what everybody else is serving up.

Thank you Michael for hosting Foodie Friday!


  1. As if they weren't delicious enought, they are beautiful, too. Linda

  2. You just better be glad I don't know your address because if I did, Mr. Magpie and I would set up permanent camp on your doorstep! WOW! This is some serious goodness! Thanks for the visuals and the descriptions. WONDERFUL!

    Happy Foodie Friday...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Those mini cheesecakes are so beautiful my heart started to race...honestly...the sign of a true foodie!
    Thanks for all of the eye candy, and of course the great recipe inspiration ;)

  4. mary just over the top perfect... i mean how cute are they! i am in love... i love how they look, adorable! i sure could use a 100 about now, will give me strength for the garden tomorrow~

  5. I am not sure which I like better. Both look so beautiful and yummy!..Christine

  6. If they taste as good as they look...oh my!!

    Happy Foodie Friday!


  7. Cheesecake runs through my veins, and I know these mini-cakes are KIN to me. Therefore, they should come for a visit. Do not expect them to return. Ever. :-) Your baked Alaska is a reason to celebrate--when food and beauty collide, it's a joy.
    I'm so glad you came to the potluck!

  8. Wow, they're so beautiful & almost too pretty to eat... You notice I said ALMOST! ☺

  9. These look delicious, and they are so pretty too! I'm with Diane, "almost" too pretty to eat, but I'm sure I could force myself! Kathy

  10. If they were a category on RMS I would give them 5 stars! Each! Your photos are stunning, too! My mouth is watering! ~ Robyn

  11. They're just perfection M~All of them.

  12. They are absolutely beautiful!

  13. My kind of dessert... Yummy and pretty! Thanks for letting me see these awesome pics!


  14. What pretty little desserts and I'm sure they taste even better. Happy Foodie Friday.

  15. OMG, I'll take several of those cheesecakes. Raspberry perfection! Your photos just are the best and I really enjoy comming to see what you show each day.

  16. Your cheesecakes are little works of art, Mari. I wouldn't be able to leave them alone and could probably eat the entire recipe all by myself.

  17. Mari, my stomach seriously growled when I spotted those. They are gorgeous. So, so pretty! I'll take (at least) one!!

  18. I love how gorgeous the layers look!

  19. They are beautiful, Mary! Poor Will, I would have to eat them for him!

  20. Hi Mari,
    The wine glasses at Anthroplogie were kind of a toss up for me too. I wasn't sure if the smaller one was a white wine and the larger one a red. I guess the large one is a water goblet then? I got the smaller ones. The larger ones just seemed too big for what I wanted to use them for.

    As for the candelabras, they were purchased in France. I think though that they were from that line called "Comptoire de la Famille." I have seen that line sometimes here in the States, but usually at little boutiques. I really love them too. If you go on e-bay, you may find them there.Or they may have a web site now. For the longest time they didn't.

    Once again, your food photos are to die for!! I'm getting a brand new Nikon D90, and I'm hoping for some good shots of food with it. Waht I have now is not so great.
    Thanks for visiting.

  21. Miss Mari~ I'm so happy to have found you through signing on with Foodie Friday. I too am a Californian now residing in the northwest. I've lived here for 26 years, but my family reside in CA.
    I enjoy cooking for "EVERYONE"! I find great satisfaction in preparing as well as gifting my kitchen cuisine. You will truly be my inspiration. I look forward to sharing recipes and getting to know one another.
    Please come take a peek at my Napoleons.

    I also adored the lil' penguins. I do want to try making them. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Sweet Wishes,

  22. Mari, they both look beautiful and your photography as usual is fabulous, but I really would love a Baked Alaska. please. I've never developed a taste for any kind of cheescake, but if I did, I'm sure that I would love yours.

  23. I love how you used the raspberry in this dish. I like you new banner too. Clarice

  24. Cheesecakes are also a fav - and I love the mini used that special pan again with the removeable bottoms!!

    All your photos are exquisite!!

  25. Your little treats are perfect Mary. The raspberries look so fresh.

  26. I love the presentation of these! how cute

  27. Oh, I could gaze at these beautiful sweet treats all day long! How stunningly displayed! Of course, I'd eventually have to stop gazing, and politely grab one off the plate all for myself! :-) I love your blog, and will visit often now that I've found you!


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