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My Vinegar Shelf ~
Do you keep a vinegar jug/keg?

I've done so off on and on through the years, these current batches have been going very well for about the past 3 to 4 years. I've changed containers once, but have kept the 'mother' for each, just gently transfered 'her' to the new home.

Most of the wine consumed in my house is from either Oregon, California or Washington state; so I just call the vinegar Pacific white, or Pacific red. The little wooden keg is reserved for Sherry vinegar.

If you would like more information about keeping your own vinegar jug ~ there is a wonderful article by Paula Wolfert at this "Food & Wine" link:
Besides for vinaigrettes I use it in marinades and in cooking. I'll try to post some of my favorite recipes using vinegar in upcoming posts. If you have a recipe using vinegar that you would like to share please email me!


  1. Mary, I would love to try this. I need to find a mother :-) I would gift the vinegar as gifts. How cool is this!

  2. What a nice and beautiful idea!

    You are so organized..and all in a tasteful fashion.
    My vinegars are in my pantry except for one:)

  3. I'd love to try making the red wine vinegar. Now to find a crock! Thank you, Mary.


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