Ciliegine Caprese Skewers

I like this simple little appetizer as it's colorful and it can be made year round, and it could not be easier to put together.

Just skewer the cherry tomato, wrap a strip of basil around the Ciliegine (tiny fresh mozzarella cheese balls) and secure by skewering through the cheese.

If Ciliegine is unavailable, fresh or regular mozzarella cut into cubes may be substituted.

Simmer some Balsamic Vinegar until reduced to a syrupy consistancy, cool and serve as a flavorful dipping sauce along side.

In the summer and autumn you can use fresh basil for the strips, in winter baby spinach strips, or quickly blanched chive or scallion stems work very well, too. (A quick blanching makes them more pliable and a plunge in icy water will set the bright green color.) No need to do that with the basil or spinach.

The vibrant colors remind me of the Italian flag, and also represent the traditional Christmas colors, too.


  1. You take such beautiful photos!

  2. Such a simple recipe and you bring it to new heights, Mary! Great photo's, the Caprese looks fantastic!

    I love the quesadilla's, I am hungry once again!

  3. aimple and elegant! i love it.

  4. I love this idea.. the grocery stores.. in the take out area..they have little plastic cups.. filled w/ the cherry tomatoes..fresh basil..and ciliegine..topped w/ a cover..Caprese to go..w/ a small envelope of balsamic:)
    I thought,how cute.. now you have raised the bar:)

  5. how cute! i have made these on long skewers, i am fatter then you and went with JUMBO!

  6. Love how you've wrapped the mozzarella in the basil leaves! Looks fabulous.

  7. This is a definite make the next time the peoples come over and play!!

  8. Dang, that is adorable!

  9. Oh, how divine is this? Such lovely photos too.

  10. Great recipe. I tried it last night and my son loved it. Also, if you like cherries in your recipes, I found a company that is giving away a free tart cherry recipe ebook. You can download your free copy from Traverse Bay Farms. Here is the link if you are interested:


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