A French-Irish Girl's Penny-Wise Take on Borscht

With due apologies to authentic Borscht recipes everywhere.
I love beets, I love authentic Borscht...
I found myself with some leftover Horseradish Mashed potatoes...

One russet potato, 2 medium size roasted beets, and a half an onion.

And I wanted dinner in a hurry.


Happily, it's one of those soups you can just improvise~

My favorite kind! I love to improvise.

I peeled and chunked up the raw potato, ditto the onion and placed them, in a pot with 1/2 water, 1/2 chicken broth, just enough to cover with the liquid by about an inch, then allowed them to simmer, partially covered until fork tender.

Next I peeled and chunked up the roasted beets, allowed them to simmer in the same pot until very tender. Stirred in the horseradish mashed potatoes, a little milk and cream and whirred it around with the immersion blender stick until very smooth.

Garnished with sour cream.

A little fresh Dill would have been nice, too.

Served along with a baby spinach salad and toasted garlic baguette slices...

Voila! Dinner in about 20 minutes.

Happy Tummy & a Budget Meal.


  1. Trop beau!! Wow the ideas I glean from here.
    I'm a lucky camper..between you and Blue Moon:)
    I am blessed indeed!

  2. oh mary, this is just beautiful... you have so much creativity in all of your shots, i adore your blog! now i only i could get scott to adore beet soup...

  3. Oh yum! your pictures are always amazing! What a great recipe!

  4. Hi, I'm discovering your blog and I like it very much, the photos are beautifuland the food makes me hungry!

  5. Mari, I'd never thought much about Borscht, until this picture. How could anyone refuse it?


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