Grilled Onion Sandwich ~Julia Child's

In an earlier post I explained that back in the 80's I saved each of Julia Child's monthly pull-out sections from the syndicated Parade Magazine section in the Sunday paper, and promised to share more of them.

Here is another, this time from September 18, 1983.

It's one of those recipes that you can put together when the cupboard/refrigerator seems bare.

I don't care for raw onions in sandwiches, but the slow broiling method used here mellows the thin onion slices into a tender, milder accent to the sandwich.

Here's a photo of Julia's recipe~
no surprise, it's another good one!

(Click on recipe to enlarge)

Serve with a simple salad ~ tossed green, tomato, cucumber or another favorite for a satisfying meal.

Again, many thanks to Julia for her inspiration.


Here's what Julia wrote about "The Right Drink" to accompany sandwiches:

"What to drink with a sandwich certainly depends on the time of day. With a fine plain chicken sandwich taken as a midnight snack, I vote for Scotch and soda. But lunch is a different matter entirely, especially on a sober business day. Iced tea or coffee is sensible. More daring and dashing is a glass of white wine. Another suggestion, mild in spirit but sparkling as an idea, is Shandygaff, a British concoction. It reputedly made its way from the Empire to India, where it went very well with curried dishes. And it goes well indeed with any of our sandwiches.

The recipe is simple: Fill a tall glass half full with chilled ale or beer, then very gently (so as not to disturb the sparkle) stir in an equal amount of chilled ginger beer. You can use ginger ale, but ginger beer is drier and has more bite and character."


  1. This looks like a great one to try. Your photograph of it is amazing. I'm curious...on the page from the magazine, what is number 4 (a great drink to go with any sandwich)?

  2. Hi Marsha ~ Thank you! I think the real secret to that sandwich is broiling it very, very slowly to allow the onion to cook through. I turned the broiler to low and placed the pan as far away from the broiler element as possible so it wouldn't brown too quickly. Probably not the most energy efficient way of broiling, but it make a delicious onion sandwich!

    I'll go amend my post and add what Julia wrote about "The Right Drink" to go with sandwiches. It's odd, I had never read that little part of the article before. Her response may surprise you (as it did me!) :)

  3. Mary, Julia is most certainly inspiring, and so are you! That sandwich, a simple onion and cheese looks outrageously good!

    I love the glimpse in the past of those great recipes! Fun to see the newspaper!

  4. Wow that looks delicious!! I love onions, especially red. Will definitely have to try this! :)

  5. I've made these before, but your wonderful photos have reminded me to put them on my weekend agenda again.

    Thank you.

  6. Thats funny. I was about a month old when this article came out. That sandwich looks delicious, and I'm definitely making it soon. I have everything in my kitchen right now.

  7. This sounds pretty good. A nice take on a grilled cheese. I can't wait to try.

  8. you are bringing back my childhood, my dad was always making her things. excellent pic mary~

  9. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. This sounds very good to me. I love having you share Julias old recipes with us!

  10. I just made 3 of these in the last 24 hours. They're really really good! I used a honey sweet onion and chopped up some fresh basil for the tops once they were broiled. I think this will be a new comfort food for me. Thanks for posting this!

  11. I so love that you saved all those. Wish I had thought of it, too. Thanks for sharing these with us. I'm enjoying seeing them again.

  12. Thank you for saving and posting these. I loved the column as a little girl and this onion sandwich is one of the first things I ever ventured to make for myself.


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