Ricotta filled Cappelletti with Pesto ~ (Almost All Home Grown & Homemade)

Time permitting, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to prepare a meal (as much of it as possible) from scratch.

This is one such meal.
The pesto was made from basil and garlic from my garden, the fresh spinach pasta was made (in the food processor), and rolled by hand, then filled with homemade ricotta.

The cherry tomatoes are also from the garden. Incidentally, if you haven't tried pan roasting tomatoes on the vine stove top in a little olive oil, then sprinkled with coarse salt, I recommend preparing them that way as a side dish. This method works well with both cherry and regular size tomatoes on the vine.

Although Cappelletti is traditionally hat-shaped and served in broth, the little spring-loaded pasta cutting tool makes short work of little round filled ravioli.

One sheet of pasta is placed on a cutting board, the filling is spread upon it, topped by another pasta sheet, then the pasta is cut. The design of this tool * self-seals each little pasta coin.

For the filling, just blend the ricotta with a beaten egg, some grated Parmesan cheese, (minced parsley, herbs and garlic if you like), a few gratings of fresh nutmeg, and salt & pepper. To cook, gently boil in plenty of salted water until tender. Serve with sauce of your choice.

If you are serving in broth you may also cook them right in the broth until tender.

The spring loaded pasta cutter does an excellent job of sealing the edges of the filled pasta, I've never had one burst while cooking yet. You can also make these in advance, freeze them in a single layer on a sheet tray, then place them in freezer bags or containers and into the freezer for future use. No need to thaw before cooking, just cook them in gently boiling salted water until tender.

If you're interested in making your own Ricotta cheese, I posted the instructions in an earlier entry. Click here.

Of course you can make this with a regular ravioli stamp or cutter, and store bought ricotta and pesto. It's a delicious, satisfying meatless meal.

* Here's one source for the brass Cappelletti stamp (scroll down the page)


  1. Mary, that plate looks just magnificent...those little pasta pillows look so tender...I would love to reach a fork across the country and pop one into my mouth!

  2. This looks so fresh and delicious! Ive never had cappelletti, now youve gotten me curious :)

  3. Melt in your mouth..

    Dream time pillows.
    I must Fantes.

    What else did I covet there Mary?:)
    I love the pleasure of making a delish meal too..Love it..
    I ahve made pasta w/ the raviloi cutter..not spring loaded..Yours is far nicer.

  4. This is delicious and not a common plate.

  5. What a cute little press you got there, where would one get one of these?

  6. Thank you so much everyone! When I make these I make plenty for the freezer, I wish you were here to share them with me.

    Monique, I'm trying to think of what it was we were looking at, at Fantes... I'll email you when it comes to me!

    Hi Robin Sue, "Fantes" is where I bought mine. The information is under the last photo in my entry. :)

  7. I am inlove with your pasta!! I have never seen such a pasta cutter before and think the results look absolutely delicious!!! Although of course it has just as much to do with your cooking :) Yummo to this meal anyday!!!!

  8. You take 'creative' to an entirely different level, Mary! Do you use a pasta machine first?

  9. Mary- oops there it is right in front of my eyes. Thanks for answering my question!!

  10. I'm amazed by such a cool tool! A nice meal that warms the hearts of your loved ones.


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