10-Spice Seasoning Blend ~ Julia Child's

You may wonder why anyone would want to make their own spice blend. But if you make this one, developed by Julia Child, you may wonder why anyone would not want to make their own.
There is no match for the intense fresh fragrance and sensory pleasures you experience from grinding and mixing your own.

This one was Julia Child's favorite; her own signature blend.
When I was a new cook Julia was my guru in the kitchen (she still is), the moment I found this recipe back in the 70's I couldn't wait to try it.

Not just a recipe, this spice blend was more personal; her own concoction ~ a way to connect to her more thoroughly. Similar to inhaling the scent of another's favorite perfume ~ you get to know the persons prefrences a bit better.

So it is with this spice blend. It's intoxicating! I've used it in pates, on roasts and chops on most any kind of meats, grilled, roasted or broiled, and baked squashes, etc. too.

I like to blend it up in smaller amounts than suggested so it is always fresh and aromatic. I follow the recipe exactly, but halve each ingredient then store it in jar with a tight fitting lid. I use an inexpensive electric coffee bean grinder reserved exclusively for grinding herbs and spices.

If you make it, I don't think you'll be disappointed either.


  1. ahhh...I can smell it from here :)

  2. I have just started experimeenting w/ new spices..
    Dukk ..being one of them..
    This aromatic blend you are suggesting sounds so good I can taste and smell it!
    I love Julia too..wish I had paid more attention:)

  3. This sounds delicious (copying and pasting)! Another blend that I like to make at home is Essence of Emeril. I buy little glass spice jars at Penzeys for storage but I love your cute little mason jar.


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