Ricotta Stuffed Chicken Breast with Rosemary-Balsamic Reduction

An easy oven baked dinner ~ bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts, stuffed with ricotta cheese with a Rosemary-Balsamic reduction drizzle.

The remainder of the homemade ricotta cheese, simply stuffed under the skin of bone-in breasts. I feel fortunate to have a local meat shop with lots of choices for organically grown chickens & meats, so juicy and tender.
Just loosen the skin and place the ricotta between the skin and the breast, rub with olive oil, season with salt and freshly ground pepper and bake in a 350-degree (F) oven until the skin is delciously browned and the breast is cooked through.
You can season the ricotta with finely minced fresh rosemary, or parsley if you like, and of course store bought ricotta will work as well.

Since I'm not in with the $250. (per vial!) aged Balsamic vinegar crowd, I slowly simmered some inexpensive balsamic vinegar with a rosemary sprig and a small spoonful of sugar until syrupy. It makes a YUMMY "scribble" for plainly prepared chicken, fish, or almost any simple meat.

I turned some of my homemade bread into Savory Tomato & Shallot and herb bread pudding. (A new recipe, I wasn't that impressed with it, so I'll spare you.)

Sauteed bell pepper strips with fresh thyme to accompany.


  1. I'm sorry the bread pudding didn't work out because it looks delicious...I was wondering what it was as soon as I saw your plate!
    I'm bookmarking this for the chicken anyway.

  2. I love what you've done here with the chicken. Yes, the fancy balsamic vinegars are kind of artsy fartsy. I agree with you on the the tasty reduction goes with a lot of chicken dishes.

  3. the reduction and chicken sounds like a heavenly combo!

  4. Oh man this sounds/looks soooo good! Brilliant is all that I can say! My hubby wants you to make dinner . . . (his night to cook!) Which means Wendy('s) will be cooking!

  5. Oh lala..How can something so beautiful... have to spare us w/ the details?:)

    It always looks delicious what you make:)

    One of my favorite meals at a local resto was a stuffed chicken breast..yours sounds perfectly divan:)

    Yes I know it should be divine:)


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