Halloween Greetings !

Living out in the country, and down very long driveway we don't have Trick-or-Treaters, so I no longer carve pumpkins. I put this huge Bethany Lowe retro decoration, (paper pulp/paper mache) in the front window instead.

Even though it is a rural area, there is plenty of Halloween spirit ~ just around the bend the farmer's family puts out a colorful display every Autumn:

During a trip to town to take care of a few errands earlier this week ~ the signs and spirit of Fall could be seen everywhere.

Here are a few:

Leaves falling...
Colorful Fall Flag...

Tiny, tiny 'Mario' Crocs
(So cute!)

A view down a side street...

A little more flaming Fall color.

And I can't help but think of friends Jain , and Andrea when I see the neon signs for:

I hope everyone has had a
delightfully SPOOKY

2008 Halloween!


  1. wonderful series of pics mary, hope you had a wonderful halloween~

  2. Beautiful Pictures...thank you for sharing a little bit of your world!

  3. great photos! I love the flaming trees! Our snow is almost all gone this morning!


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