Croque Monsieur ~ From the Cuisor

Ham and Jarlsberg Croque Monsieurs made in the little vintage French double sandwich iron.

You just trim crusts from the bread, assemble the sandwich (thin and plain is best), lightly butter the outside of the bread place it in the sandwich iron and place over medium heat (stove top, fireplace, or campfire) and turn until evenly toasted.

It makes a light, and delicately crispy sandwich.

Of course you don't need the special iron to make a grilled or toasted ham and cheese sandwich ~ but those made in the sandwich iron provide a light crispy crust I cannot achieve in a pan, grill or panini maker; the texture is just more pleasing to me.

Filling ingredients are limited only by your imagination; savory or sweet.

Although mine is a vintage one from France, similar 
Sandwich/Pie Irons are still made today. 

By performing an internet search using key words 'Sandwich Iron' and/or 'Pie Iron' a number of hits will appear. Also, ebay usually has a number of them available most of the time.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Mary, my pie iron is not as lovely as yours, but we use it all the time at our cottage. I love yours!

  2. Great looking sandwich! That is a really cool gadget, Mary!

  3. My stomach is grumbling looking at those sandwiches!

  4. Meenam meenam!

    I don't have one..but I have an electric thingy..not half as cute..not even close to half.
    Mary I just made your little pumpkin cakelets..I ate all the shavings:) How delicious!


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