Tablescape ~ Early Fall Dinner

Hi Friends ~ Welcome to an Early Fall Dinner Tablescape.

I've set the table here in the dining nook again... I can't tell you how long it's been since we've used the table in the dining room. 

But this is always so much cozier for four so please take a seat where ever you like.

We've been having 80+ degree weather lately ~

I'm not quite ready for Fall, so I'm gently easing into
my Fall color palate. ;o)

The little covered pumpkin bowls are a few years old, and if you follow my blog you've probably seen them here before today.

For our simple centerpiece I simply pulled out this Pumpkin shaped soup tureen.  I usually serve soup in it-- as intended, but not this time... 

Instead,  I nestled in some pretty pansy plants ~ a temporary home for them, to add a little life to the table.

Detail of the tureen lid.

I have always loved having fresh plants, flowers or fruit on the table, these were so inexpensive; a jumbo 6-pack of pansies for under $3.   I'll plant them in the garden when they have finished blooming and they will reward us with color again next spring and beyond. A bargain that keeps on giving!

I have some orange and amber colored pansies in the back garden, but I had never seen this particular variety ~ called "Whiskers  Orange."  So cute!

I acquired two pairs of these silverplate S & P shakers from an estate auction several years ago ~ 
Ahem, I've been the type who always polished silver, but I'm experimenting by allowing these to darken with tarnish.  I've liked the look when others have allowed theirs silver to darken, but I'm still getting accustomed to the look at my house (and I was REALLY tempted to get the polish out for these this morning!)

I hope you'll come on back for Foodie Friday to see what I'm serving in the individual pumpkin bowls! 

Tablecloth and Napkins: April Cornell
Napkin Rings: Pottery Barn
Large Pumpkin Soup Tureen: Lenox
Flatware: gs (gourmet settings)
Round Orange woven placemats: Bed Bath & Beyond
Woven plate chargers: Big Lots
White plates: Home Goods
Green Bubble-Glass Goblets: Target
Little Covered Pumpkin Soup Bowls ~ secondary market


Thank you for stopping by, and a big thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting us each week.


  1. So pretty. I love each and every thing!

  2. Since I'm pretty new here, I had not seen those cute little white pumpkin bowls. Don't they look just perfect on that table! I also love the tureen with the pansies and had never even seen orangey pansies let alone that color. I'm going to have to look for some around here.

    My MIL, the silver queen, would say to just USE the salt and pepper shakers and they will have a nice patina.

    Love your table!!

  3. just perfection, those little punkins make everything over the top fun! i forgot to tell you, more crown dishes came in, i mean everything, if you need more let me know, they are DARLING!

    great chatting with you :-)

  4. Beautiful as always. I love the soup tureen and the little soup bowls. The pansies are also a nice touch!


  5. Beautiful plates! Those scalloped edges add so much interest. I also love the pansy in the pumpkin tureen!

  6. This is a beautiful table, there is nothing that I don't love about it. I love using white when it comes to fall pumpkins. Perfection!

  7. I covet those pumpkins.. all of them. They are most beautiful. Your table is wonderful, inviting and although in white and green, says fall in a stylish setting. Love it.

  8. Oh I LOVE those little white pumpkin covered bowls!! So adorable and the centerpiece pumpkin is just wonderful! So pretty!

  9. I have little-white-pumpkin-bowl-envy. Big time. And it's a good thing I'm not within arm's reach of that big tureen. *sigh* So gorgeous. Everything you do. It's always just so gorgeous!

  10. Oh my! Those are the best little pumpkin bowls -- What a beautiful set with your pretty tureen (whatever you're serving up!)

  11. I am just in love with the pansies popping out of that pumpkin! That is really quite creative and pretty! Of course, like everyone else, I LOVE those miniature pumpkin tureens! The dishes are awfully pretty, too. I wish I would have seen them at our local Home Goods store! They have lovely detailing, and the square one is particularly cool. Beautiful!

  12. Mari --
    Those little pumpkin tureens are Cuuuuuuuute!

  13. I absolutely adore the little white pumpkin tureens. They are sooo elegant. I love the plates too, I have some of those and I am always looking for more. I tell my husband it is like being on a treasure hunt when I go to TJ MAXX/Homegoods. Your orange pansies are exquisite. What a gorgeous fall tablescape. Glad I stopped by.

  14. A beautiful table! The centerpiece and white pumpkins are my favorite things!

  15. I made a deal with myself...I'm really diligent about polishing the silver, too; but if I don't get to it on occasion, I grant myself some grace. I really think that I'm the only one who sees it. I love your baby pumpkin tureens, and your color choices on your table are so well done. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  16. Absolutely Beautiful table! And that "Whiskers Orange" pansy is AMAZING! Great photo too!

    Really Rainey

  17. i want the pumpkin soup bowl.... :-D

  18. Your table is gorgeous and makes a visitor feel very welcome. You've inspired me to put some pansies in our antique soup tureen. That is a brilliant idea.

  19. Mari,
    Just beautiful. I love the little tureens. The pansies are the perfect color for fall. Beautiful photography.


  20. So well done.. you girls have a real knack for these tablescapes:) The big pumpkin w/ the pansies..just finishes everything off perfectly.

  21. It's such a creative world out there. I have the same lidded pumpkins and a very similar tureen. It's interesting to see how each of uses the same items so differently.

    Beautiful table. Love all of the layers.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. I LOVE the white pumpkin tureen and bowls! Your table is gorgeous and I love the combination of orange, green, brown and white because it's Fallish, yet still bright. Beautiful! thanks for sharing your beautiful table with us.

  23. Beautiful, Mari! I just love those little pumpkin bowls - SO cute! My Mom had a collection of about 50 souvenir spoons that she always kept polished. When my daughter was small, she'd love to go over and help Gram polish the spoons. My Mom left them to her and now the only time they get polished is when I go to visit! Ha! She's busy with the two little ones, but maybe it's about time she teaches her 4-yr old how to polish the spoons!

  24. Ahhhh my fav visit today!!
    Looks like me:))
    Precious setting and sweet flowers~~~ it makes my heart sing!

    Have a blessed day...

    Kay Ellen

  25. Save a seat for me...what a lovely table!
    I have lots of silver here that ...ahem...I have let darken...I always tell my Mom that I love it that way when she tells me she is going to take all my silver home to polish!LOL...Love your little shakers! They are so pretty!

  26. I love all the little white pumpkin tureens! Such a beautiful table!!

  27. So beautiful, love your white pumpkins, really cute!!!

  28. LOVE (and plan to copy!) the pansies-in-the-pumpkin idea. The little individual pumpkins are SO adorable! I love the addition of the green leaf beneath them and the gorgeous green glasses.

  29. Those teeny weeny pumpkin bowls are the cutest thing ever. I love them in white! What a great table for fall. I am on the prowl for those mini pumpkins. They are adorable!

  30. This is beautifully simple, yet elegant at the same time. I love the white pumpkins, especially the small covered bowls with vines.

  31. Love your tablescape the soup tureen is really nice, I love fresh flowers too or fruit. Very beautiful

  32. LOVE your mom & baby pumpkin tureens! Whiskers Orange, how cute is that... I've always loved the look of silver when it oxidizes & shows the detail~ love the way the grape relief stands out! Glad you were able to refrain from polishing :-)

  33. You all are so kind! I can't tell you how it touches my heart to know that you have taken the time to comment. I love reading your thoughts. Thank you! xo ~m

  34. Just BEAUTIFUL, Mari! I love the cool colors on the table! Are you on Facebook? Let me know so we can be "friends"!!!I love the soup tureen, have been looking for a pumpkin one! The little ones are adorable! Have a great weekend! XO, Pinky


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