Fresh Wild Blackberry Pocket Pies

My friend Elizabeth from "Gossamer Wings" held a generous give away a few months back, and I was stunned to find out I was the winner. One of the items in the gift box was a clever Pocket Pie Mold from Williams-Sonoma !

The heart shape is especially appealing with cherry or red raspberry filling, but at this time of year the wild blackberry vines on the property are at their peak ~

Wild blackberry vines can grow like weeds here, and emerge from the earth in the most unlikely places.  However there are a few vines that are very special to me. 

Those are the ones which my late father lovingly cultivated and neatly trained along a split-rail fence at outside far edge of the lawn area. Fruit from those plants are my favorite of all.  Perhaps it's all in my imagination, but every year the berries from Dad's Vines seem sweeter and juicier than any others. 

I'm always reminded of my dad when we pick and eat the succulent berries from "his" vines during late summer and early fall each year.

The crop has been incredibly abundant this year, so I didn't have to think twice about the fruit I would use to fill the pocket pies this time.

The mold is an ingenious device combining pastry cutter, mold and crimping tool in one.

The method is easy ~ simply roll the pie dough out and cut the shapes with one side of the mold, then flip the mold over, and line the cupped side with the pastry cut-out, fill with your favorite pie filling, then place the second pastry cut-out over the fruit and press down to seal. Brush with egg wash or cream and sprinkle with sugar, if desired, then bake until the crust is done and the filling is bubbling.


I don't believe the heart shaped mold is available any longer, but look at this Apple-shaped mold with the leaf cut out! It's perfect for this time of year.
Photo credit: Williams-Sonoma

Photo credit: Williams-Sonoma
Available at Williams-Sonoma. (Click image above to learn more)

Of course, if you don't have the mold you could use cookie cutters or a knife to cut the dough to desired shape, and use a tiny cookie/aspic cutter, or knife to cut the decorative vent in the pastry ~ but the mold really speeds up the process and produces neat, uniform results every time.

Yum! Somehow the adorable shapes just seem to make the pocket pies taste even better. 

Thank you so much for your generousity Elizabeth!

And thank YOU, friends, for coming by to visit with me today.

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  1. Mari, every time I'm in WS I pick these up, then put them down. Now I know they're destined to come home with me! Lovely!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. I look at these in the WS catalog everytime...and think that I should order some...I am thinking again..I will order some.

  3. Mari, These little heart pies are so darling... just gorgeous!!!!! YOur photography makes them look even better.
    What a wonderful gift and memory of your father. Wild blackberries! They must be absolutely delicious... especially in this pie.
    I have the Wm-Sonoma fluted edged pocket pie mold. Aren't they just wonderful?
    It is always a culinary and visual delight to visit you!
    xo Yvonne

  4. Those are so cute!! They make me wish I was a baker!

  5. Adorable! It was a sad blackberry season on the south Oregon Coast and very late. Not much in the blackberry dessert department at my house :(.

  6. So pretty..They are on my list:) I love the little molds:) You did them proud!

  7. Oh, they look wonderful. I need one of those. That would definitely make things a lot easier. Yours turned out fabulous and love the berries. How wonderful to have so many at hand. Hugs, Marty

  8. OOO you made them :) I bought one, and have yet to use it. I think I will do some apple ones soon though. I'm glad they turned out so cute!!!

  9. Oooooh, I want one! They look delicious - I remember the wild blackberries growing near my parents' home. *sigh* As kids, we would go with our buckets to pick to our hearts' content, usually coming home with few berries in our pails and lots of blackberry stains on our mouths!

    Your little pies are just beautiful. They're making my mouth water!

  10. Congratulations on winning the mold, Mari! The heart shape is adorable! I think they are just adorable and know one will be coming home with me soon.

    Wonderful story about your Dad.

  11. Hi Mari
    I got a WS catalog in the mail today and they are selling the apple shape along with another pocket pie shape. They are adorable! I have the heat and the pumpkin ones. Blackberries are my favorite grandma had bushes in her yard and they were such a good treat.

  12. Like Pat said, Mary. They are still available. I saw them in the outlet today. I have the star, heart, and pumpkin.
    Yours look delicious!

  13. These pies take the cake. Your photos of them are so beautiful. I used to have wild blackberries on our property in CA. Loved making things with them. What a fun mold to have. Joni

  14. They look so good! I love these little pie makers. When I finally get to a WS store, they are on my list...whatever shape they happen to be in at that time.

  15. Love this, I just shared it on FB my friends have a blackberry farm and has tons of them in the freezer. Very nice blog.

  16. These are so cute. I'll have to go look at Williams and Sonoma!

  17. What beautiful little heart pies! That is such a cool gadget!! And I love that you still treasure the blackberry vines your Dad cultivated.

  18. I saw this on someone else's blog a while back and didn't get one. You have convinced me: I will get one today! Thanks so much!!!! Pinky

  19. Aren't these pocket pie forms fun? Santa put some of these in my stocking last year. Now that it is getting a bit cooler I'll feel like baking again. This post is giving me lots of inspiration! Thanks for sharing ~ Sarah

  20. I love the little berry peaking through. I am just fascinated by molds lately... this is a great one. Thanks for the info and amazing pictures!

  21. I'm heading to WS TODAY! I love these molds!!!
    Thanks for sharing your pocket pies...
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  22. These are just too cute! I love the berries peeking out!


  23. I have been avoiding buying those dear little molds, but I think you have sold me...
    I want one of yours right this very minute!


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