Welcome Fall ~ 2010!

Hello Friends!

Cinnie (Cinnamon), our Mastiff-Malamute mix, is my constant companion.
She joins me in welcoming you. Please make yourself at home for an early Autumn lunch ~

She's been keeping a watchful eye down the driveway for quite a while, waiting for your arrival. She's a very good girl and keeps me lots of company (plus, she doesn't beg at the table!) :D
Come on back to the family dining table in the kitchen nook...
As you pass through the entry you'll notice we don't make substantial decorating changes for the seasons. Since we live in the wooded forest, the large windows in the house make "decorating" a bit of a challenge, so we enjoy the seasonal transitions nature brings through the windows during the year, and I just add minimal touches here and there to compliment nature's constant renewal.

This afternoon we're having a casual country-style lunch.
It's apple harvest time, so in keeping with eating with the seasons they provide abundance to our towering center piece.
(In real life I would never use such a massive piece on such a small table... but we're in the virtual world, so almost anything goes... isn't that fun?? :D)

I love when the mini pumpkins come into the market.
Seeing them always make me feel cheerful!

The "chargers" are actually small trays from Crate and Barrel a few years ago.

I've had these Lone Oak & Co. terracotta dishes and bowls for years, they are from the Napa Valley ~ when we lived in California we spent a lot of time there, and I loved shopping for treasures, these dishes remind me of those times. Some are plain terracotta, and others are glazed; I love to mix and match them.
Unfortunately the company went out of business long ago, (and that's a shame because these chip rather easily.)

I am especially fond of the Queen Ann-style rim detail.

The "Rooster" stainless flatware is by Pfaltzgraff

The fresh flowers are from Safeway... $5. for a mixed bunch. A feel-good bargain.

I've used these Italian ceramic Salt and Pepper shakers before...
(pffftt....and I still cannot remember where I purchased them.)

Stay tuned for some "apple" goodies coming from the kitchen in the near future.

I'm so fond of the "Granny Smith" green color.

Oak and acorn detail from the 3-tiered rustic metal stand.

Thank you so much for taking the long journey out to the country to come visit for lunch ~ I hope you had a good time! We really enjoyed having you, and hope you'll visit again soon.
Happy Autumn, everyone!!
Please go by and say hello to our gracious host of Tablescape Thursday;


  1. Love it all and the little pumpkins always make me smile to:@)

  2. This is really beautiful! I enjoyed all the details! Your home is lovely.

    Looks like a sweet doggie!


  3. This is totally different yet just as delightful as the one you did last week. I love all of the colors you used, especially the variety of terra cotta. It's a favorite around here.

    I really love that one with the unique rim!

  4. So beautiful Mari! Love all the warm colors.
    Can I have Cinnie? So darn cute!!

  5. Ver inviting creation! I've never seen that flatware. I like it!!!

  6. Nicely done! I LOVE the color/texture of your napkins!

  7. I love autumn! Warmth is in the color of the leaves and the vegetation while the air turns colder. Such lovely home decor and table! Beautiful photos, as always, Mari!

  8. A fantastic Autumn welcome, love the flowers, the apples and those cute pumpkins around the table!


  9. You took some really great shots. I like how you angled your watermark on the dish.
    Your table looks fabulous. Aren't the apples amazing.

  10. loved seeing cinnie, such a cute profile pic, she looks so regal :-)

    ahh fall, it looks wonderful on you~

    sunflwrs, roosters, apples and punkins whats not to love!

  11. So lovely1!! I love, love, love your front door decor! It is fabulous!! Angie xo

  12. Stunning :-) What a way to bring in the season, I also love the transformation from fall to winter :-)

    Cinnie is a star too!! So photogenic! We have a dog who wont beg at the table too...its so cute, he just watches patiently fraom a distance waiting for the treat :-D

  13. Mari...this almost makes me glad it's fall. :) The colors are so rich and wonderful. I love your gorgeous pics and beautiful table setting. Flatware is sooo cute!
    Happy Fall!

  14. What a beautiful welcoming setting! Just perfect!
    xoxo Pattie

  15. Great post Mary. Everything is lovely, but I have to tell you, my favourite picture is of Cinnie. She looks so dignified. What a beautiful girl.


  16. Absolutely gorgeous! I just love everything.

  17. Such gorgeous photos! I love the terracotta plates -- most unusual! I'm also a regular buyer of grocery store flowers -- such a bargain!

  18. Thank you for your very kind words, friends!

    I always feel as if I'm flying by the seat of my pants when I do these tablesettings, so thank you for your encouragement. xo~m

    P.S. Ann, thank you for the sweet compliment about Cinnie. ((hugs))

  19. I love that granny smith color too. Your table just says warmth and welcome to me. Cinnie looks like just my kind of dog.

  20. Oh your Cinnie is just SO sweet! Your table is beautiful, so very inviting. I love Fall the best for decorating and doing tables. Love the mini pumpkin, the sunflower and the FLATWARE is adorable. The terra cotta plates are wonderful! XO, Pinky

  21. Fun post to read when we get to go right in through your front door, see your entry table decorations and sit at that beautiful fall-inspired table in front of the fab windows! Everything is perfect!


  22. What a perfectly beautiful early autumn table you've set. Love your pretty sunflowers -- and those dishes are wonderful!

  23. I love the colors in your placemats and ofcourse your whole table is wonderful as usual....but your dog...she has the most kind face...what a lovely girl.

  24. Everything looks so colorful and inviting! Love the 3 tiered stand with the green apples! Delightful!

    But my heart really skipped a beat when I saw your rooster flatware! How cute!!

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you can stop by for a visit!

    Hugs, Sherri:)

  25. Happy Autumn, to you! Your home and table are lovely. Love the layers of terracotta dishes with the white and all the extra details of this setting. The rooster flatware is fun! ~ Sarah

  26. This is so lovely. I really like the 'apple tower', and I think that it's neat on your table. It takes the design vertical, and it has impact without preventing guest from seeing each other across the table. That one photo of the tower is stunning! Everything came together so well. You did a great job! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  27. I love the pictures and I'd love to play with Cinnie! Apples really make a gorgeous centerpiece don't they? If only they didn't spoil so quickly out of the refrigerator.

    I love the dishes, everything is so welcoming.

  28. Very pretty, Mari. Cinnie is a sweet looking dog :)

  29. I needed a virtual getaway - thank you! Your home is very welcoming and I love what I think was a fireplace converted to a china cabinet? Very unique!

    You are so creative, I always enjoy your tablescapes. And you take the most beautiful shots. I'm still struggling to learn how to properly light (food shots particularly) in a low natural-light interior.

    Cinnie looks so sweet!

    Stay warm


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