Friday Favorites! A Childhood Memory

This week instead of highlighting a favorite past post,
I thought I'd share another favorite for Friday.

When I was a small girl, one of my uncles would treat me to my favorite French lollipops/suckers from an upscale gourmet food and spirit shop in San Francisco.
Not only were the lollipops much more intensely flavored than those I had ever tasted before, in my short life ...
They were dispensed in a most unusual way.
From the most endearing porcelain sculpture which was an ever present fixture on the check out counter...
Always a delightful array of full fruit flavors, or creamy caramel!
Decisions. Ambrosial Decisions.
So ...
Can you imagine my glee when I was given a reproduction of the very Pierrot Gourmand with lollipops as a gift a while ago?!
Even the refill lollipops come in a charming tin...
And YES!
They taste just as good as I remember them so many years ago.
When I look at him, it brings back wonderful memories of a happy childhood.
I hope certain things remind you of fond childhood memories, too.
Have a lovely Friday everyone.


  1. What a great gift. The candy and the memories.

  2. I love the way you told this story, leading up to the surprise that you received a reproduction of the figure and the lollipops as a gift! What a wonderful memory and what a wonderful gift. The figure doesn't hold any memories for me, and I still love him. laurie

  3. I would have cried.
    The memories.. alone!!! Not to mention that darling darling Pierrot..
    I think I know a few wee ones that would walk right past me...straight to Pierrot.
    Beautifully photoed also.

  4. Wow, what a great gift! Don't you just love it when something brings back such wonderful memories! That is really cool!

  5. That is so beautiful! Whoever gifted this to you must be a very special person :)

  6. Someone certainly knows the way to your heart. What a wonderful piece of memorabilia! I love the story and the photos (as usual!)

  7. I bet this gift did bring you down a wonderful memory lane! How nice of the person that gave you this gift. They must have known somehow!


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