Succulent Greek-style Baby Back Ribs (with Lemon, Oregano & Garlic)

If you eat pork ribs, you probably have your favorite way of 
preparing/enjoying them.

I have two favorites; James Beard's method, and this recipe for Greek-style baby back pork ribs from my friend Ann, at Thibeault's Table .

They are delicious! You can find the recipe by clicking on Thibeault's Table, above.

I urge you to stop by Ann's blog; you're in for a treat. Ann has always been such an inspiration to me since we first met up on the internet a couple of years ago.

Besides inspiring me to begin dabbling in food photography, I've learned so many
things from her ~ including how to make the most delicious homemade bagels.

Click HERE to see her current post on bagels; within that post you will find a link to her most EXCELLENT and helpful, step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own fabulous bagels.

With Ann's guidance, you will find them easier to make than you think.

With the ribs last night I served oven-baked potato wedges (just slice russet potatoes, toss in olive oil, and sprinkle with plenty of coarse salt and freshly ground pepper and bake in a hot ~400* F) oven until as brown and crisp as you like.)

I turn them once, half-way through roasting time.
This time I also sprinkled them with lemon-pepper seasoning.

In a separate shallow baking pan, I used the same method for fresh broccoli spears ~ except I only roast them for 10 to 14 minutes (loosely covering the pan with aluminum foil the entire time.)


  1. These look wonderful. Sweet potatoes roast so well, too. Your photography is just out of sight! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, they look great! Your food photography is exquisite. I have no doubt they taste as good as they look.

    Thanks for the tips on how to make the potato wedges. I just started cooking five years ago so I have a lot to learn. I've never made bagels yet. I do make my own bread, pizza dough and jam in my bread maker. I have yet to master home made whole wheat buns!

  3. I'm sitting here early in the morning, craving ribs for breakfast! How could you do this to me, Mari? Since the recipe is getting so many rave reviews I'm going to have to try them soon (licking my lips...)

  4. I think...

    "It's five o'clock somewhere."

    applies to ribs also..

    pass a plate girl, these r looking
    mighty fine!

  5. Yum, I made some Greek style ribs while ago too...tzatziki works real well too!

  6. Mary, I wish my picture of those ribs looked as good as yours. Your photos really are spectacular.

    I'm so happy that you like that recipe. (Ann)

  7. "Dabbling" in photography?? Mari, you have the most beautiful photos in all of blogland! These ribs look good... I'm going to take a look at the recipe... I just bought some ribs yesterday :)


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