Fairy Cakes ~ Revisited & Foodie Friday

I suppose by now, judging by the number of times I've posted about Fairy Cakes, you may have guessed that I'm quite fond of them.

First time for this combination Vanilla Fairy Cakes and Extra Creamy-Vanilla Buttercream ~
Especially for FOODIE FRIDAY!

This time I used Nigella Lawson's simple vanilla recipe, mixed up in the food processor. I appreciate this recipe as it makes a perfect dozen, just the right size for a small family ~ enough to enjoy and some to share with friends.

Instead of Nigella's usual icing, I made an extra-creamy vanilla buttercream, not too sweet ~

just the way we like it.

I piped the frosting on, and decorated with tiny violas from the garden.

Much to my dismay, when I began to edit the images...

Instead of the beautiful deep reddish-purple color that the violas truly are, in person ~

They appeared this MUCK brownish hue instead, nothing that my simple photo editor could remedy...

so I switched gears.

And plunked miniature pink rosebuds on, instead...

Of course the fairy cakes taste just the same ~
I just like the looks of them better in photos with the rose.

What do you think?

for the Fairy Cake and Icing and Frosting recipes.

With many THANKS to our gracious host at DESIGNS BY GOLLUM!
For inspiring us with another Foodie Friday.

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  1. I think both of them look beautiful! I wish I could taste them.

    On a different note, I missed you for this week's tablescape. You really do such a beautiful job with them that I hate to see you skip it. The Eiffel Tower one was my favorite-I love those Limoges boxes.

  2. Dazzling photos, Mari. You're a genius with a camera. Oh...I want a cupcake.

  3. Mari, they're beautiful with either blossom! I love Nigella's little fairy cakes. I'm going to take a look at your icing recipe. I'm always looking for one that has just the perfect texture and perfect amount of sweetness! :D

  4. Wow! I too love cupcakes. Your photos and your cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. What do I think? I think I could eat about a dozen right now. LOL

    I thought the violas were lovely.
    the mini rose was too.

    Just lovely!

  6. Oh I think they're delicious photographs and wish I could bite the screen and taste a cupcake right now!
    Happy Twirls

  7. I think I better hurry up and make some Mary:-) Your photography is always stunning.

  8. They are lovely no matter which flower you put on top. That icing is gorgeous! laurie

  9. Yummy! They are too pretty to eat!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Beautiful cupcakes. What kind of tip do you use to pipe the icing on like that? It is so pretty. I love the pansies or the rose.

  11. these are so pretty..very impressive. thanks for sharing...

  12. OMG, Mari! Those are so pretty and looks so delicious too....Christine

  13. I tend to eat sweets rather quickly but these are so pretty I would have to sit and look at them for some time before devouring them. Your photos are always amazing!

  14. They are jumping right out of the screen at me. Wonderful photos. I can almost taste them. Thanks!

  15. Those look wonderful, I'm going to have to try making some! :O)Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

    your pics are...amazing!

  17. Oh dear--guess I'm not discriminating enough. I thought they were gorgeous with the pansy. Of course, the rose is perfection!

  18. What a perfect little serving and the rose is bright and pretty but the little violas are quite lovely too.
    Great finish for my chicken dinner.
    Thanks, Candy

  19. Mary, your photo skills are amazing. I'm not sure which one I like better. Both are gorgeous.

  20. They are like little works of art, and so beautiful!

  21. Mari - I adore those cakes either way. I remember when Nigella made those cakes on her show. I ran right out that day and made them. We used to have the nicest baking supply store near our home that carried the prettiest gumpaste flowers. I used to cheat and use those. ~ Robyn

  22. Pretty, pretty fairy cakes - you're inspiring me to go and make some myself.


  23. Delicious and beautiful! What a combination! Great job!

  24. I love fresh flowers on cakes and cupcakes! Both look good to me, but I know what you mean about those darn pansy colors coming off wrong!

  25. Mari your cupcakes are stunning, I can almost taste them your photos are so vivid. Nigella has some of the best and quickest recipes, yummy.
    I love both flowers but those rose buds are gorgeous. Happy weekend, Kathy.


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