Friday Favorites!

Hello, and Happy Friday!

Today I'm sharing an idea I devised last Spring ~

A stuffed egg tray, with a twist.

Almost everyone I know loves stuffed eggs, but they can be high in fat and calories.

I wanted to incorporate a lighter alternative on the plate for some guilt-free pleasure and came up with this idea~

Fresh, crispy salad 'Basket' Bites!

Mini filo cups* filled with fresh baby spinach chiffonade,

topped with a cube of marinated blue cheese (or feta), then lightly drizzled with your favorite viniagrette.

*The mini filo cups may be purchased frozen ~

I bake them off for a few minutes to crisp them, cool then fill.

You can also make your own, using 3 stacked layers of thawed filo dough, brushed with olive oil or butter, then cut into rounds with a sharp round cookie cutter and eased into mini-muffin or tart pans (spray with cooking spray first).

Baked until crisp. Allow to cool before filling.

If you make these, I hope you like them as much as my friends and family do.

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  1. Wow, I'm salivating as I type! I love the idea of alternating eggs and phillo cups! I will so try that for Easter.

  2. Hello Mari...

    Ohhh yes...I'm going to enjoy your "Friday Favorites"! Love your opening photo of the pretty bunny vase filled with vines and daffodils...a lovely vignette!!!

    Mmmm...those deviled eggs and mini salad baskets look delicious! Thanks for including the recipe! It's presented so beautifully on that lovely apple green plate! Gorgeous!!!

    I've always looked forward to Friday...the gateway to the weekend! wink! And now, they've become even better!


  3. What a super idea. I also make deviled eggs for the family, but this would be such a treat to add to the dish. I can see endless possibilities for these. Thanks for the suggestion and recipe. Hugs, Marty

  4. Love the new idea, love the plate, love the eggs, love the phyllo cups, love the photos! Another beautiful display. :D

  5. What a pretty and colorful plate! Love it!

  6. I love the idea of a "Friday Favorites". I'm quite a "keeper" of things from our past, so will have fun coming up with new things. As a matter of fact, the eggs brought back a very special memory. When I was in Girl Scouts, deviled eggs was the very first thing I ever made to earn my cooking badge. An apron was my first thing to make to earn my sewing badge. Do you think my destiny was set for me then? I believe it might have been! Thanks for sharing! Sandi

  7. I've never made a deviled egg in my life, but yours sure are pretty. I little filo dough salad cups look delish too.

  8. Your site never ceases to amaze me...its absolutely wonderful...well geezzzeee, I can enjoy visiting through blogland and thank my internet stars that I've gotten to know such a talented lady...thanks for sharing

  9. oh where did you get that cute egg platter!! Those deviled eggs look very tasty :)

  10. Your eggs look so pretty with the bunny in the middle of the plate! Great idea for Fridays!

  11. Friday Favorites is going to become one of my favorite places to visit! Love your adorable bunny/egg plate. Yummm, deviled eggs & yummy baskets! Wow, what could be a better combination! ☺ Diane


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