Chicken and Rice ~ Mexican Style

This is not a "recipe", but rather a method of using leftovers.

There was some homemade Mexican rice in the refrigerator which I wanted to use up.

To make it into a meal I simply seasoned and grilled some boneless, skinless chicken breasts, then sliced them while the rice was heatingon the stovetop (I added some frozen white corn, salsa, and some chicken broth to make a saucy dish.) Then plated the rice, arranged the sliced chicken on top and garnished with fresh cilantro.

Of course you could add any number of garnishes: grated cheese, sliced scallions, lime wedges, additional salsa, avocado slices, sour cream, etc.

Quick, easy and satisfying. And an undeniable bonus is the feeling of satisfaction which comes with using up the last bit, so no waste.

Delightfully EASY on the budget.


  1. Very tasty looking Mari. Is that your new lens at work :) Great shot.

  2. What an awesome way to use up left overs Mari..great shots..:)

  3. I love when I can make something as delicious..or more.. with leftovers..
    Olé Mary..This looks so good.

  4. Talk about recycling! This looks great! Thanks for the idea.


  5. Yum!
    You just inpsired me for what I'm making for dinner.

  6. Mary...I am so hungry...
    save me some ...please?


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