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Hello, thank you for stopping by!

All kinds of activities have been happening, it's been terribly busy around here, hence ~ I haven't had much time for blogging.

I hope those who celebrate had Joyous Easter and Passover observances.

Ours was very relaxed and enjoyable~ though I didn't have a chance to capture much of it in photos so I thought I would share some bunny sitings from around the house and property instead; some from Easters past, and some from this year.

I've loved rabbits since I was a little girl, perhaps because I was born in the year of the Rabbit (Hare), according to the Chinese calendar.

We've had several kinds of rabbits as pets through the years (their waste is excellent fertilizer for the flower garden) and I've also collected things with a rabbit theme for a very long time.

Deb Canham is a former UK police officer, turned soft sculpture artist, specializing in handmade mohair, fully articulated (jointed) miniatures ~

I began collecting her orginal works in the 1980's. Beginning with her earliest teddy bears, then other animals and creatures as she expanded the line. Here I've posed the little rabbit with a dime so you can get an idea of the scale of her little works of art.

There are all kinds of knock-offs since she introduced her line,

but her works, especially her early pieces remain my all-time favorites.

The next rabbit is a modern day replica of a NETSUKE ~

I have a couple of authentic, ancient netsukes which were my mothers'; I would be happy to share in an upcoming post.

Although this one is not centuries old as my mothers are,

I fell in love with the look of him...

... and the charming detail when you turn him over!

A tiny handmade mohair pull-toy.

The artist who made the following decoration uses reproductions of old images, laminates the images to wood, then laser cuts around the image. He then mounts the sturdy cut-outs on wood bases so they can stand independently. Finally he accents the pieces with German glass glitter for a reflective, sparkling effect.
I adore the vintage look of them.

Here's one example ~ there are more further down...

I also like to collect vintage Beatrice Potter figurines;

most of mine are old Beswick, from a fine UK ebay vendor.

I've shared some in the past, and will save the remainder of the collection for another time.

Another Deb Canham handmade mohair bunny ~

This one is Peter Rabbit, he is about 3-inches tall.

If you look carefully you can see the tiny metal Peter Rabbit charm on his neck ribbon. He likes to stay in this old apothocary jar on the shelf in the Garden room ~

I bring him out to sit on a table near fresh cut flowers throughout the year.

(This time on a vintage hankie.)

And good old (glazed terra cotta) Mr. Rabbit, whom you've probably met before, if you've been reading my blog for a while.

He's been with me for years, and shows up all around the house and sometimes in the garden.

Antique doorstop, and vintage painted metal rabbit with basket~

Peeking bunnies...

Probably planning their escape!

Yet another metal bunny with his basket...

This one is hiding in the grape hyacinth, beneath a young fig tree:

A Mother's Day gift from some years ago ~

cement Rabbit Planter, the cabbage holds small annuals.

From the Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit children's garden:

They hide all over the place ~ as you can see.

And a few more of the vintage-look decorations~

This Easter card from my son was enclosed with his gift. The rose is a dried Cecil Brunner, from the old climber which still grows at our family home in California.

This rose has very special meaning to me, because it has intertwined in my family's history. My grandfather brought slips from his garden in Oregon, when he moved back to San Francisco in the 1920's and planted in his garden.

When my parent bought their home in the 1940's he brought slips from his plant, and planted two in my parents garden. He did the same for all of my aunts and uncles in the SF Bay Area ~ so you can probably see why I consider it our FAMILY ROSE. :) It's been around lots longer than me!

I love that my son "gets" the meaning of this rose. It speaks love to me!

More wood bunnies with Camellias from the Camellia garden (the same area where we had brunch last week for Tablescape Thursday!)

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of the bunnies ~

I MISS visiting your marvelous blogs and hope to be back within a day or two.

Have a lovely week everyone!


  1. Mari,
    These are all adorable, but my favorite is the bunny on wheels! Your tulips are lovey, have a wonderful day. ~Cathy~

  2. Your garden has really come to life already! I love the red and white tulip pairing! Your rabbit collection is adorable and I remember seeing many of them before :) I know you adore bunnies but they have been very sassy in my garden this spring and have eaten many of my emerging tulips :( Wascally wabbits!

  3. Hi Mari! Good to hear from you. It looks like your spring has been lovely thus far; sounds like it's been busy, too.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  4. Mary, that is some collection of bunnies you have there. Unique. My favourites are the bunnies in the gardens.

    And I especially love the tulips in the wheelbarrow.

  5. Hello Mari, I think the glazed cheese from your previous post look so pretty. Your bunny collection is adorable, each and every one of them esp the Deb Canham collection and the peeking bunnies. your family Rose story is wonderful what a sweet son you have and the tulips in the wheelbarrow are gorgeous, have a wonderful week, Kathy.

  6. I cannot believe all the bunnies you ahve..You are the quintessential collector of treasures..I see many there:)
    I have to admit that their charms are all endearing..all too cute and precious for ordinary words..but my favorite is the rose.

  7. why oh why so I live in the desert?
    (your green/garden is so beautiful)

  8. Mary, how I love the bunnie collection. From one mom to another, the rose has won my heart :-)

  9. Mari, I love this collection! You have quite a little family there! The vintage pieces are wonderful! I love the tulips - my favorite flower - the color is so vivid!

  10. sometimes the less said the better...

    I'm going to go sit with the bunnies and listen to the earth.


  11. A beautiful trip through bunny land, Mari. Thanks for sharing your precious collection.

    Cecil Brunner is a favorite in my family also. I always fill a little china vase with a bouquet for my mother during the short blooming season. My backyard fence will look like a pink cloud in a few weeks.

  12. Love the lane and your tulips in the wheelbarrow-it looks so peaceful. I too am a rabbit collector. I have them all over the house and some change with the seasons. The little mohair animals are adorable.

  13. I miss all the Cecil Brunner that was aorund in SF...the scent is so wonderful...I got all teary when I saw your little rose...
    Love your bunnies...I have two antique BP engravings hanging over our bed...(they were formerly in the nursery) I just could not put them away...

  14. Mari~ Oh my...what a wonderful collection! I especially liked the sweet words about your son. It makes it extra special when our boys get the sentiments behind events or things that we treasure.

    Sweet wishes,

  15. Hi Mari,
    What a delightful post! Your bunnies are simply darling! Thank you for sharing them with us. It has been a treat indeed. Have a wonderful week.


  16. I more than enjoyed seeing the bunnies. I loved it! Those vintage and vintage-looking bunnies are my favorites! Love the tulips in the wheel barrow too! laurie

  17. I just saw your post at DB...I know you've already been back through, but I left a note anyway. I wanted you to know how much I liked the recipe.

    Sweet Wishes,

  18. Cute bunny overload!!:) Hope your Easter was wonderful.


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