April in Paris ~ The Darling Bakers and Foodie Friday ~

Welcome to The Darling Bakers "April in Paris" event, in honor of our Darling Baker,
~ who will be leaving for Paris shortly!
Hosted by our Darling Baker, Michael Lee West, on her delightful blog Designs By Gollum!
(Please click on the link to see Michael's post and the other Foodie Friday participants.)
The Darling Bakers decided to have a French Bistro menu at my house ~ please pull up a chair and enjoy!
For starters, (store bought) Pâté.
Served with the traditional cornichon pickles, and toasted baguette slices.
Next an amuse-bouche; a highly flavored French Onion Soup.
Followed by a take on the traditional salad Salade Tiède aux Oeuf; comprised of frisée, a warm poached egg, lardons (crisp bacon), and toasted croutons.
Instead of serving the egg on the croutons, I sprinkled them over, and used baby Spring greens.
For color, some fresh pansies, violas and snipped chives from the garden.
And for dessert ~ Crêpes à l'orange.
For a snack later, with coffee ~ a GIANT Eiffel Tower cookie to share. I bought the copper cookie cutter from Sur la Table some years ago as a decorative piece for my kitchen, but this seemed like the perfect time to use it.

I would like to thank, Jain (Once in a Blue Moon) for hosting our event!
And I would also like to wish Cathy Bon Voyage, and a wonderful and enjoyable, long visit to the City of Lights!

And thank YOU so very much, for stopping by!


  1. Everything looks so delicious! I really like the way you decorated your Eiffel Tower cookies. I have that cookie cutter too, but wasn't very happy with the way mine looked. Now I know just what to do.
    I wish I could go with you to Paris. Be sure and have tea at Mariage Freres tea house. You'll love it. La Duree is another great place for macaroons. I may have mentioned that before, but it's worth a second mention.

  2. omg mari! you have me grinning like the cheshire cat! you have out eiffeled us all! one helluva a spread darling, i am just oolala-ing this like crazy! you know i will be taking this line by line at the darlings, but dang you knocked me over with a french feather!

  3. What a beautiful presentation! It's almost too beautiful to eat! ☺ Diane

  4. This is one of the most incredibly beautiful things I have ever seen. Talk about a visual feast.. my goodness you have so much talent. Cindy

  5. Oh, Mari. You've outdone yourself with this marvel. This is the most beautiful salad I've ever seen. The delicate markings on the pansies resemble a painter's brush strokes. I am just bowled over by this beauty.
    And the should be framed!
    A million thanks for putting together this stunning tour de France!

  6. Great idea w/ the cookie cutout(as if that was the only great idea:) )..!

    But I love it..and you have a steady hand!! Just beautiful..everything Mary..The first flat of flowers I am buying will be my pansies for certain!

  7. Thank you so very much, Mari, for this stunning send off. I doubt I could find a meal in Paris that could come close to the gorgeous one you have prepared.

  8. Can I squeal?????

    cos I really want to.
    the good kind.

    You've outdone yourself girl. truly.
    Y'all have some mad skills when it comes to tablescaping.

    But the salad, the colors in the salad are what got me. yessiree.

  9. I have that SAME cookie cutter but have never used it. Thanks for the encouragement. I think I may just give it a try.

  10. Your presentation is "magazine magnificent". Thank you for sharing you creative way with all of us.

  11. WoW!!!! Just when I think you can't out do one of your post, another glorious pictorial. I have to ask what kind of camera you have? I can't take good close up with my Kodak and am in complete awe of your photos! Not to mention the food! Holy smokes!
    Absolutely fantastic. I'm going to nag you....again...and beg...on behalf of everyone...please consider writing a cookbook! Pretty please with creme brulee on top?!?!?!

  12. Everything is a work of art! That onion soup is making my mouth water, and that salad is really too pretty to eat. The cookie is so pretty. Is the onion soup recipe on your blog somewhere? I love great onion soup, and this just looks like the best! laurie

  13. Ladies, thank you for your most generous and kind comments ~ you really know how to make me feel great! ((hugs))

    Isn't it fun to prepare a meal with a theme once in a while? It helps get me out of my cooking rut. :)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such sweet messages. xo

  14. Once again I don't know which is more beautiful--the food or the photography!!!

  15. Fantastic photos! Everything looks delicious!
    Hoppy Friday
    ~Really Rainey~

  16. Goodness they are all so pretty! The piping on the Eiffel tower cookie has left me speechless - what patience you have?!?

  17. Oh, Mari, I had to come back for another peek at this gorgeous spread! It's the kind of meal that makes the angels' wings beat a little faster. Have a splendid Easter!


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