Barefoot Contessa's Berry Crumble

Happy Foodie Friday!

I've been a fan of the Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) for several years, and this recipe is adapted from her Plum and Raspberry Crumble.

The good thing is that you can substitute the equal amount of almost any fruit for the plums and raspberries. I used frozen mixed berries this time (don't bother to thaw.)

To me it's not a true, old-fashioned fruit crumble unless it bubbles and oozes over the side as it bakes. (Tip: Bake on a silicone liner, parchment paper, or foil for easier clean-up.)

Ina's is my favorite version of this classic dessert.
It's so good you can serve it plain.

But with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or a big splash of cream? It's even more heavenly.

It goes together in moments so there is a big delicious return for very little effort!
Usually I make these in individual sized servings, but since a Pillivuyt oval baker is one of the items you can choose in my current give-away ~ I baked a big one in my oval Pillivuyt baker so you can see one of the ways you can use the oval baking dish.

If you would like Ina's recipe, you can find it on the FoodNetwork website by clicking HERE.

You can also find more of Ina's delicious recipes on her "Barefoot Contessa" website.
Click HERE to see more.

Happy Foodie Friday Everyone!
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  1. This crumble looks divine.I just saw this on TV yesterday! It looks divine!

  2. Your photos are edible.I just saw a Ricardo salad served IN a tulip:)

    Tulips are in a league of their own~

    Ina's is INcomparable:)

  3. I have some blackberries stashed in my freezer. I agree that Ina's recipe is one of the best. In fact, Ina and I go "steady" in the kitchen! Your spring luncheon table has all those lovely tender colors of spring--perfect!


  4. This looks heavenly. I LOVE Ina's recipes :)


  5. She's one of my favorites too. The dessert looks delicious!

  6. Your photographs make this look mouth watering. It looks so delicious.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Looks like a winner, my family would enjoy each bite.

  8. This looks better than good. Splendid doesn't even come close. Love this recipe. Thanks for giving us the heads up.

  9. So happy you are back, Mari!! This looks delicious and perfect even for breakfast! ;-)


  10. Mmm yes. Oozing is key when it comes to crumbles. This looks fantastic! I love that you can use any kind of berry.

  11. I'll have mine with a touch of half and half...mmm!

  12. I love that the berries will be here soon! In the meantime, I have a bag in the freezer that will work out just fine. Looks absolutely wonderful!

  13. YUM! That looks so good. I saw her making one of these on her show not to long ago. I don't think that woman makes anything bad. I have all her cookbooks.

    Her house and garden is to die for. She has my dream life.

    Don't you just love her.


  14. what a beautiful sticky mess that oval baker is in! LOL Looks absolutely wonderful!!

  15. Hi Mari-
    Your berry crumble will make Ina proud. It looks so good, I wish I could take a bite right out of the photo. Your photos are great? What kind of camera do you use?

    I have made Ina's Apple Crisp so many times I have the recipe memorized. I am not sure why I have never made the Berry Crumble - but I am now. Yum!

  16. I have been a fan of Ina's for years. My first connection to her was via Martha Stewart when she took us for a tour of the Barefoot Contessa Bakery. I put it on my "places to go" list, but much to my dismay, she sold her shop before I could go there. Now, I watch Ina's cooking show. She always has tasty dishes to entice anyone!!


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