Thinking outside of the box...

Thinking outside of the box (or bottle).

I saw this idea for an alternate to the unattractive dish detergent dispenser a few years ago on a tour of homes and wanted to share it with you.

Happy April 1st!


  1. I use an oil cruet for my dishwashing liquid, but you certainly have topped me. I love the idea!!!

  2. that bottle is a beautiful blue! thanks for the idea :) happy april fools to you.

  3. Neat idea! I too, use an oil cruet!

  4. I love this!! So different....I have to show this to a friend who will only use Sapphire when making a dirty martini! It really does make a beautiful soap container!

  5. I can never keep my stoppers in on my oil or my soap. I clean them well before putting the spout in but after a few uses they start slipping out of the bottles.
    I always have a finger on them now but if someone else uses them look out.

  6. What a cute idea..the possibilities are endless..Even adorable wine bottles!

    I love" Le Bonheur"~ It could make washing dishes a Happiness♥

    I have never seen this Gin..~

    The bottle is very pretty.

  7. My Mom was a big fan of Martha's and you know that Martha would never have her dish soap bottle on the counter! So yes, my Mom had a decorative bottle with her dish soap in in for years and I have been using one for several years now. Love the gin bottle!

  8. What a GREAT!!! and AWESOME!!! idea. I LOVE!!! this and have to think of something to put my dish soap in.
    THANKS!!! for the idea.

  9. Nice! Guess we'd better work on draining that bottle of Bombay in our bar so we can recycle it!


  10. I actually love this idea! Thanks for sharing:D

  11. Love it! I have used an antique bottle...until one of the boys dropped it on the tile... a wine bottle, and a very pretty bottle I found at a garage sale for 10cents.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  12. I love how your color theme in the photo is aqua blue and white. Great idea!!! I was just this afternoon thinking about putting my dish soap in a glass bottle.. now I'm definitely going to do it! :-)
    P.S. I'm drooling over your wooden spoon collection!

  13. I love this!! Ha ha - I think I'll use this idea.

  14. I have a friend who would LOVE this!! I change out my entire hitchen for each season and always have a different dispenser for my dishwashing liguid. Right now it is a little birdhouse soap dispenser, the kind sold to use in a bathroom. FUN! XO, Pinky PS, do you know where you can get one of the tops that is on the Bomaby bottle????


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